Dan Hardy gives his prediction for UFC 272: Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal


Ahead of UFC 272, former UFC analyst Dan Hardy has given his prediction for Jorge Masvidal vs Colby Covington

Dan Hardy has the reputation for being one of the best dissectors of modern-day MMA, and his episode of War Room with BT sports ahead of any PPV, is a staple for MMA fans.

The former UFC welterweight, sat down with Submission Radio to anatomize the UFC 272 main event, and also give his predictions. Hardy said, “I expect Covington to drown him [Masvidal] for five rounds or less. I think he’s going to really struggle trying to finish Masvidal. But I do think he will be able to control him on the floor for good period of time, and that comes down to Masvidal’s conditioning. He is wise with his energy at welterweight, unlike when he was a lightweight, but there are moments where he gets stuck on the floor. What might happen is Covington will maul him and take home a unanimous decision, probably 3-4 rounds to 1. ”

“But I always root for the underdog, and this is a bit of pattern for me, when the fans and betting lines identify who the underdog is, I start to then try and make arguments for the underdog to win. One thing about Masvidal is that you can’t bank on anything in his fight. I except Covington to win, but I will be pleasantly surprised to see Masvidal pull it off. As a fan I’m rooting for Masvidal.”

“Colby in critical condition, might not fully make it”- Jorge Masvidal gives a spine-chilling prediction ahead of UFC 272

UFC’s third PPV of 2022 will feature a welterweight clash between estranged friends, Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington. The bona fide bad blood between the two has presented the UFC with one of the most compelling storylines of all time.

In an interview with Marc Raimondi of ESPN, Jorge Masvidal was asked about what the news headline would be like, post-Masvidal‘s fight with Covington.

Masvidal gave a chilling response to it, stating, “Colby in critical condition, might not fully make it.”

It is intelligible by now that both fighters have vicious intentions when they finally get to lay their hands on each other at UFC 272 and settle this dispute once and forever.

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