Corey Anderson has slammed Colby Covington’s actions for acting tough on the Internet, and advised him to stick to fighting and leave the street-talk away

The MMA community has been divided ever since reports of Jorge Masvidal attacking Colby Covington at a restaurant in Miami first emerged. While some grievously condemned Jorge’s actions suggesting that he had 25 minutes at UFC 272 to do some damage, others are of the opinion that these are the repercussions of Covington’s disrespectful and insolent behavior over time.

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October 31, 2019, New York, New York, U.S.: Corey Overtime Anderson during UFC 244 Media Day. UFC 244: Media Day – ZUMAs277 20191031_sha_s277_501 Copyright: xJasonxSilvax

Former UFC light heavyweight contender Corey Anderson has expressed his views on the matter, deprecating Colby’s approach towards building a brand, and hysterically mocks him.

The ‘Overtime’ has called Colby the ‘GOAT’ of keyboard warriors, and suggested that the Oregon born fighter should stick to just fighting.

He put out a tweet saying, ‘ Colby is the keyboard warriors ‘goat’! Only fighter I know that will talk that much trash on camera but runs to hide and call the cops each time he’s confronted…. that’s the THIRD time! Just stick to fighting in the cage and stop talking in the streets. #Covington #masvidal

Looks like Anderson has picked his side between the two fighters as the tension between them continues to flare.

Daniel Cormier lambasts Jorge Masvidal for attacking Colby Covington at a restaurant

On a recent episode of The DC & RC Show, Daniel Cormier railed at Masvidal for attacking Covington after losing to him at UFC 272. He enunciated further saying that Covington is not a street guy and that the issue should have been resolved when ‘Gamebred’ had his opportunity inside the cage.

Here’s the thing, a lot of these altercations happen prior to the fights happening. And we were always very clear with each other. When you got 25 minutes, right? You got 25 minutes. That is the only place in which I’m going to condemn Jorge Masvidal. You had 25 minutes less than two weeks ago to do anything you wanted,” said Cormier.

DC also hit out at Covington for claiming that he was the ‘king of Miami’ and ‘made for the streets’. Cormier explained, “Colby Covington is not a street guy. Colby Covington is a guy who likes to talk and fight. The shtick may have crossed the line, and now it’s gotten him into a situation that he is not really equipped for. That is why he didn’t have anyone in place with him to make sure that it didn’t cross the line.”

The public brawl is clearly not a good look for the two welterweight fighters, who used to be best friends before their relationship turned sour.

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