Brandon Gibson believes Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou will surely happen


Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou has been the most talked about fight this year in the UFC

Jones went from light-heavyweight to heavyweight last year. The LHW GOAT announced in August 2020 that he would be renouncing his LHW title, in a bid to move to the heavyweight division to chase legacy and greatness.

He did so, and began putting all the hard work and muscle required to face the challenges in the uncharted territory.

Earlier this year, he was finally tipped to face the winner of Francis Ngannou vs Stipe Miocic at UFC 260. Ngannou beat Miocic, and in the immediate aftermath, talks of Jones vs Ngannou was ubiquitous.

Jon Jones posted this phot on his Twitter account. (Image Credits: @jonnybones on Twitter)
Jon Jones (Image Credits: @jonnybones on Twitter)

Then began Jones’ payment dispute with UFC President Dana White.

A lot of fighters supported Jones, saying that he deserved such a huge purse. However, White never budged. He instead was willing to offer Stipe Miocic, which Jones immediately disagreed to.

Elsewhere, Jackson Wink MMA Academy coach Brandon Gibson, seemed pretty confident that the fight between Jones and Ngannou will definitely take place.

Speaking in an interview with TheMacLife, Gibson was asked if he feared that Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou might not happen.

Gibson said:

“It will come together. Jon is 33, we have a lot of time. And the more he gets to work on applying this strength…It’s just that much more dangerous for the entire heavyweight division.”

Jon Jones claims he is going to “give birth to something big”

With uncertainty looming over his heavyweight future, Jones has put out a Tweet, a rather ‘lost in translation’ one.

He wrote:

“I’m about to give birth to something big, something out of the ordinary.”

Jones was brutally trolled on social media for using the words ‘give birth to’. Even his old rival Chael Sonnen used a YouTube thumbnail of an edited image showing Jones giving birth.

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