Former UFC Champion Nicco Montano not ruling out a return


Former UFC fighter Nico Montano is optimistic about her return to MMA

The inaugural women’s flyweight champion of UFC, Nicco Montano has not fought since 2019 before being released earlier this year. However, the former champion is optimistic about her return. While recently talking to MMA Fighting, Montano said:

“I Think for now, at 145 I can throw out four fights a year and eventually come back down to 135. But healthy right? I was talking to Miesha Tate, she said she’s walking around at 142 right now, she hasn’t been healthier in her life.”

“There’s just little tricks and stuff that you’re able to do with your body but you have to be able to cross everything out so that there’s no other noise and you can focus on your priorities and that’s kind of where I’m at right now. So for now, 145, maybe this next year sign a four-fight contract somewhere. I think 135, my body is going to eventually get back down there.”

Nico Montano
Nicco Montano (UFC)

Montano seems to be pretty confident regarding her return. She used to fight at bantamweight i.e. 135lbs, however, she currently eyes a return to the 14lbs division and eventually work her way down to 135. It will be interesting to see her back if and when she decides to make a comeback in MMA.

Nico Montano
Nico Montano aims to come back (BJ Penn)

Why was Nicco Montano released from the UFC?

During her four year career in the UFC, Montano was able to make only two appearances and ended up being released in 2021. The reason for this stems from her unprofessionalism while being signed to the UFC.

Apart from the two fights that she actually took part in the former flyweight champion was booked for a total of nine fights.

Nico Montano
Julianna Pena punches Nico Montano (Getty)

However, none of those nine fights actually took place because because of fighter issues. Six of them were cancelled because of Montana herself. Her most recent bout was booked against Wu Yanan on 31st July 2021. She ended up missing weight by 7lbs which called for UFC to finally take action against her.

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