“I made Jon mad” – Chael Sonnen opens up on recent verbal tiff with Jon Jones


Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones have been rivals on and off the field for a long time

Jon Jones who is facing uncertainty over his future in the UFC has very often taken to Twitter, interacting with fans, posting cryptic tweets and whatnot.

He recently Tweeted that he was about to “give birth to something big.” The tweet was lost in translation, as Jones was brutally trolled online. Uncle Chael joined the party as well.

Jon Jones giving birth
Thumbnail depicting Jon Jones giving birth (Credits : Chael Sonnen’s YouTube channel)

Posting a YouTube video explaining this, he took his thumbnail game to another level by having a picture of Jones giving birth in a labour room.

That’s where all hell broke loose. Jones was livid and he began posting brutal and nasty tweets aimed at Sonnen and his wife. The tweets which are now deleted show Jones unleashing his fury on Uncle Chael.

Sonnen recently uploaded another video to his YouTube channel reacting to the recent scenario. He claimed that he didn’t know Jones would take it this seriously.

Sonnen hinted that he was just being a troll, like he usually is.

“You take a guy like Jon…He is such a tough guy. Jon can take whatever Chael is gonna dish out, or so I thought.”

Since things didn’t go as planned, Sonnen then justified his stance:

“Jon, I’m a troll. This is what a troll does. A troll comes at you over the internet from several states away where he’s protected in the hope of getting an emotional reaction from you. And he gave it to me! So point, Chael. Couldn’t have succeeded any better but over-performed my own expectations I must tell you. Jon was very upset.”

Jon Jones retains Richard Schaefer as his advisor

Highly regarded Richard Schaefer has been retained by Jones, to be his advisor. Schaefer is the former CEO of Golden Boy Promotions. He is believed to have made the promotions, for what it is today.

Jones took to Twitter to make the announcement. The statement in the Tweet explained how excited Jones was to have someone like Schaefer by his side. He sounded confident that he would be booked in great fights soon.

Looks like we are inching closer and closer to seeing Jon Jones back in action.

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