Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan reacts to Anshul Jubli becoming the first Indian to win a fight under the UFC banner

With a second-round technical knockout of Jeka Saragih in the finals of the Road to UFC tournament, Anshul Jubli secured himself a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Following his victory, Anshul signed a deal with the UFC, becoming only the second Indian (after Bharat Khandare) to do so for the largest MMA promotion business in the world. His victory made him the first and only Indian-origin fighter to ever triumph in an Ultimate Fighting Championship bout.
Anshul won both rounds and landed the greater number of punches. At first, the Indonesian made a face at Anshul in an effort to upset him, while the Indian pretended he didn’t exist.

It didn’t take long for Anshul to return the favour by launching a vicious attack on Saragih and knocking him to the floor. He grappled with the Indonesian, holding him in place while he kept throwing blows. Saragih, who was in a dangerous position at this point, tried to free himself by elbowing Anshul, but he was unsuccessful. With 40 seconds remaining in the first round, the Indonesian managed to extricate himself from the grasp. At the end of the round, Anshul had gained the upper hand.

In the second and final round of the battle, Saragih came out strong. Anshul kicked him in the body once he got up, but he managed to restore control of himself. With a rear naked choke this time, Anshul got his opponent down and kneed him multiple times. After that, he took him down in a similar method and began pounding on his head until the referee stopped the fight 3 minutes and 44 seconds in.

An ecstatic Anshul Jubli took center stage to announce that India has arrived in the UFC:

“I’ve dominated this fight, that’s why I’m here. Why Indian fighters deserve to win the UFC? I’m going to keep evolving, I want to keep grinding, and my plan is to be the best in the world and I’ll do whatever it needs to be done.”

Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan was as proud as all the other Indians in celebration following Jubli’s victory. He took to Instagram to share a story of Jubli. Check out the post below [via @varundvn on Instagram]:

Varun Dhawan
Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan reacts to Anshul Jubli becoming the first Indian to win a fight under the UFC banner 2

Fans react to Anshul Jubli announcing his arrival in the UFC

Needles to say, Indian fans were brimming with pride and took to Twitter to congratulate the young lion for making the nation proud.

One fan wrote: “Anshul jubli dismantled Jeka 🔥that’s how you dominate the fight INDIA IS HERE 🇮🇳 !! #UFCVegas68”

Musician KSHMR wrote: “Congratulations Anshul Jubli!! Go India”

Another proud fan wrote: “What a fight Anshul! He wasn’t kidding when he said India is here during his last fight in Dubai! Congratulations Anshul Jubli!!! #RoadToUFC #AnshulJubli

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