‘Appreciate a Yan fan giving credit’ – Aljamain Sterling is grateful to a Petr Yan fan on Twitter who hailed him as the winner


Aljamain Sterling applauded a Petr Yan fan on Twitter who hailed him as the true winner at UFC 273 despite some believing that Sterling lost the fight

Aljamain Sterling laid all doubts to rest at UFC 273, and emerged as the undisputed UFC bantamweight champion of the world. Even though the first round could’ve gone either way with many people scoring it for Petr Yan, Sterling’s dominance in the second and third rounds were enough for him to come out on top on the judges’ scorecards.

Aljamain Sterling
Aljamain Sterling

Before the fight many had dismissed the Funkmaster’s chances of beating Yan, but Sterling would make them eat their words, much like many who thought it would be a cakewalk for Yan, with a career-defining performance at UFC 273 that cemented his claim as the true champion.

Although many including the likes of UFC President Dana White score the fight in favor of Yan, Sterling has received tremendous support for his victory. A fan of Petr Yan posted a tweet congratulating Sterling for his victory and hailing him as the true winner.

Sterling replied by saying, ‘My man. Appreciate a Yan fan giving credit where due. I just like breaking balls for all the trash talk I had to accept until I stepped back into that octagon. All love.’

‘Trilogy 2023’ – Aljamain Sterling proposes the idea of a trilogy following his title defense against Petr Yan

Aljamain Sterling shocked the world, especially in rounds two and three, when he completely dominated his opponent Petr Yan who was the favorite to win the fight. During their first encounter, Sterling had radically faded after some initial success which gave Yan the bandwidth to dictate the fight.

Although the pair went back and forth on the internet, and even face-to-face as they almost engaged in a brawl, both fighters showed respect towards their opponent when the final bell rang. In all fairness, it was a razor-thin contest for the most part, which could have gone either way.

During his post-fight interview, Petr Yan expressed his disapproval of the result stating that he had done enough for his hand to be raised. Fighting without his usual cornermen, Yan wasn’t at his murderous best and hesitated a bit while engaging.

He released a statement following the loss on Twitter thanking his fans for their support. He said,‘ Life goes on. Goal remains the same! Thanks for the support 

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