Trevor Bauer’s Controversial Allegations and Mystery Surrounding His Relationship with Rachel Luba


Trevor Bauer is currently playing professional baseball for the Los Angeles Dodgers after having spent time on Arizona Diamondbacks, Cleveland Indians, and Cincinnati Reds teams previously. As of now, there is no official confirmation regarding his relationship with Rachel Luba, so it is assumed that he is single.

Trevor Bauer
Trevor Bauer

Recently, he made headlines after being accused of sexual assault by a woman. She claimed he choked and anally penetrated her.

Rachel Luba is his girlfriend

She represents numerous MLB players including Trevor Bauer. As the first female agent ever to represent a Cy Young winner and among one of baseball’s youngest and most successful agents.

Rachel Erin Luba was born on 27 July 1992 in Monterey, California and holds an undergraduate degree in law. Initially she pursued professional athleticism before making a shift towards law studies.

She is widely acknowledged to be one of the top women in sports and an outstanding teammate. Additionally, she is renowned as an agent representing many acclaimed players like Yasiel Puig, Trevor Bauer and Paige Halstead.

Rachel and Trevor have been rumored to be dating, although neither one of them have confirmed the rumor yet. Instead, both individuals appear focused on their careers and spend time together solely for professional purposes. Furthermore, both have active social media profiles where they regularly upload pictures of each other.

Does he have a sweetheart?

Trevor Bauer, an MLB pitcher, is well known for his on-field exploits and outspoken views on issues related to baseball. However, this success story hasn’t come without controversy off of the field either.

Full NameTrevor Bauer
CareerProfessional baseball player currently with the Los Angeles Dodgers
Previous TeamsArizona Diamondbacks, Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds
Recent ControversyAccused of sexual assault by a woman, investigations ongoing
GirlfriendRachel Luba (sports agent representing Bauer and other MLB players)
Rachel LubaBorn on July 27, 1992, and an established sports agent
Relationship StatusRumored to be dating, but not confirmed; often seen together professionally
Bauer’s Personal LifeKnown for being private about his personal life and sharing certain relationship rules

Lindsey Slope filed a rape complaint against Bauer with the Pasadena Police Division. Slope’s allegations successfully put Bauer under investigation, prompting Slope to file an ex-parte limiting request against the baseball star. However, Bauer through his representatives stated that all interactions between himself and Slope were completely consensual.

Lawyers representing the woman making these accusations allege she lacks credibility; she lied to investigators and has no proof to back up what she claims about Bauer. Furthermore, another woman from Ohio alleges he choked her to unconsciousness before sexually molesting her and anally penetrated her.

Is he married to Rachel Luba?

Trevor Bauer has been represented by sports agent Rachel Luba since 2019, who also testified on his behalf during his sexual assault case. Fans have speculated that these two may be more than simply professional colleagues; however, neither Bauer nor Luba have confirmed such reports.

Luba is an former UCLA gymnast turned lawyer after passing the bar exam. She launched her own agency called Luba Sports in 2019 – becoming the youngest female baseball agency worldwide and representing players such as Yasiel Puig, Eric Jagers, and David Hess among many more MLB stars.

Luba has developed a stellar reputation as a tough negotiator who consistently gets her clients the best deals available. She is also well known for recognizing promising young stars, which earned her a spot among MLB’s most powerful agents with an estimated net worth of $5 Million; one of her largest deals included signing Bauer to a contract worth $40 million per season until 2022 with Los Angeles Dodgers.

Is he in a relationship?

Trevor Bauer has long been known for being guarded with regards to his personal life, prompting speculation of possible romance with either female. Additionally, he has shared that he follows certain guidelines when it comes to relationships.

His primary rule for staying happy was remaining emotionally detached; according to him, any time he starts developing feelings for someone it signifies an end of that relationship.

Rule number two dictates that he sleep with multiple women at once – this seems to help keep him satisfied and prevent too rapid of an engagement process.


Major league baseball player Trevor Bauer has recently faced serious allegations of sexual assault, which he strongly denies. Meanwhile, his professional relationship with sports agent Rachel Luba has sparked rumors of a possible romance, although neither has confirmed their relationship status. This controversy, combined with their enigmatic connection, has left fans and the public intrigued and divided.