Tower of God Season 2 Teaser Reveals Epic Adventures and Potential Time Jump!


Tower of God is an action-packed anime based on a popular manga, first announced at Crunchyroll Expo 2022 via trailer. Since then it has become a worldwide phenomenon. The release date has not been set yet.

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Tower of God

With its incredible fight scenes and captivating characters, it has kept viewers on edge throughout its runtime. Unfortunately, however, the show ended on an intense cliffhanger, prompting fans to ask for another installment.

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Tower of God was an immensely popular webtoon and anime adaptation, and fans have eagerly anticipated its second season since hearing of its return at Crunchyroll Expo 2022. Rachel and Baam will likely play prominent roles again. Unfortunately, no other details about its return have been released as yet – hopefully picking up where its predecessor left off!

Tower of God manga is an expansive source, so adapting all its story will likely take multiple seasons or more to adapt properly. Season 1 only managed to adapt through Chapter 189 of the workshop battle arc; so Season 2 may instead focus more on upcoming Hell Train story arc.

Carter Hahnselle, Crunchyroll’s director of brand and title marketing, teased at future seasons when asked by Anime News Network. In response to questions regarding an adaptation of the full story arc he indicated they plan to do more, saying they certainly hope so (that was their goal anyway). SIU released an illustration to thank fans of the show and announce a Tower of God mobile game will be out winter 2022 on iOS and Android platforms.

Release Date

Tower of God was an animation sensation that kept fans riveted with its thrilling fight scenes and captivating characters, earning it a 7.7 rating on IMDb and becoming highly coveted around the globe. Because so much enthusiasm surrounded this series, fans eagerly anticipate any news about season two!

Title“Tower of God” is a popular anime based on a webtoon manga.
AnnouncementThe second season was announced at Crunchyroll Expo 2022 via a trailer.
PopularityThe series has become a worldwide phenomenon with captivating characters and intense fight scenes.
CliffhangerSeason 1 ended on a cliffhanger, leaving fans eager for more.
CastRachel and Baam are expected to have prominent roles in the second season. Details about the return are yet to be revealed.
Source MaterialThe manga source is extensive, and multiple seasons may be needed for proper adaptation.
Release DateSeason 2 is anticipated to air around 2023, following the 13-episode format.
Teaser TrailerA teaser trailer for Season 2 has been released, offering a glimpse into what’s to come.
Episode CountSeason 1 had 13 episodes, and the second season is likely to feature 12-15 episodes.
RatingsSeason 1 received a 7.7 rating on IMDb and a 4.7 user rating on Crunchyroll.
ExpectationsSeason 2 may pick up where Season 1 left off, with Bam searching for answers and possibly featuring a time jump.
StreamingFans can watch for free on Crunchyroll or opt for premium subscription options.

At the Crunchyroll Expo event, it was revealed that the show would return for a second season. Although no release date is known at present, we can anticipate airing sometime around 2023; 13 episodes comprised the initial season so more may appear in its sequel.

Tower of God ended on a strong note in its inaugural season, with Bam reuniting with Rachel after taking up the Tower route for her. Season two will continue where episode one ended; Bam will still attempt to climb it, yet will encounter numerous formidable irregulars along his journey.

Crunchyroll has unveiled a teaser trailer of Tower of God Season Two which provides viewers with a look into what awaits Bam and Rachel during its second season. Viewers can access this teaser online via Crunchyroll website; viewers will gain an early look into what awaits Bam and Rachel when the show returns this fall.


Tower of God, an original anime on Crunchyroll, became an instantaneous hit, captivating fans with its gripping tale of a boy climbing an inexplicable tower to search for love. Fans were delighted to learn at Crunchyroll Expo 2022 that Tower of God will return for another season – and are eagerly awaiting its next installment.

SIU’s manga of the same name inspired this anime series that has earned immense interest from audiences around the globe. Fans particularly enjoy its action scenes which are both dramatic and intense, not to mention its relatively sophisticated fighting system and high marks from both critics and readers alike.

Tower of God features 13 episodes in its inaugural season and follows Twenty-Fifth Bam’s adventures living beneath an enormous tower, where people who pass difficult tests and make sacrifices are lured in by its promise of everything they desire should they reach its pinnacle. A second season is likely to feature 12-15 episodes.


Tower of God proved immensely popular among audiences during its first season, garnering a 4.7 user rating on Crunchyroll. Based on Kami no Tou (South Korean comic books read from left to right), it follows Bam as he climbs a tower known as Regulars to fulfill their desires upon reaching its summit if they reach it first. Tower of God captured viewers attention through captivating fight scenes and riveting characters, earning it a 7.7 rating on IMDb.

At Crunchyroll Expo 2022, it was announced that Bam and Rachel would receive another season. Although no official release date has been set yet, a short trailer for its sequel has already been made public showing them one final chance to reach the tower’s summit.

Expectations is that Season Two will pick up where Season One left off, with Bam still searching for answers behind Rachel’s betrayal and facing new enemies. Crunchyroll recently teased that there may also be a time jump – they even teased that Crunchyroll was planning on showing a 6-year time skip in its trailers! Fans can watch for free on Crunchyroll or pay to upgrade to Fan and Mega Fan subscription options available through Crunchyroll’s streaming platform.


Tower of God Season 2 is generating massive excitement among fans, as a tantalizing teaser hints at thrilling adventures, potential entertaining plot twists, and even a time jump. The anime’s dedicated viewers can hardly wait for the next chapter in Bam’s journey up the Tower.