Complete These Missions & Claim Your Free Tower of Fantasy Pen Pen in Evangelion Collab Event!!


The Tower of Fantasy Pen Pen is here to be acquired and gamers are dancing on their seats.

A recent post by the official Tower of Fantasy account has revealed the arrival of Tower of Fantasy Pen Pen. The smart servant is a cute addition to the game and the tweet explained how to obtain this Tower of Fantasy Pen Pen. This is a huge win for the Tower of Fantasy players

Tower of Fantasy Cover

Tower of Fantasy Pen Pen Quest

In this special crossover quest, players will have the chance to command a special mecha in battle alongside some of the most well-known Evangelion units against the invading angel threat, supported by new hover vehicles called Soul Plugs, a new combat partner named Pen Pen, and the Evangelion character Asuka Shikinami Langley, who will serve as a new simulacrum character.

In addition to bringing Evangelion to Aida, Tower of Fantasy also allows you to adopt a penguin as a pet and employ mechs in combat. This next version has a new tale, simulators, and an anti-gravity area to explore. On March 12, 2024, the Tower of Fantasy x Evangelion partnership will officially commence.

Hotta Studio and Level Infinite have confirmed that the partnership will be available on PC and mobile platforms. The endearing Tower of Fantasy Pen Pen makes her partner Asuka Shikinami Langley, a simulacrum, part of the playable cast. A cute, useful penguin who follows you around and aids in battle sounds like a dream for players.

tower of fantasy pen pen
Tower of Fantasy x Evangelion Art

What does the tweet show?

The tweet shows the exact steps players can follow to get their Tower of Fantasy Pen Pen pal. It is a very straightforward method that can let players obtain this cute animal. Such collaborations with anime is a common trend amongst games nowadays especially free-to-play games. The popularity of anime is nothing new and it’s a great move by developers to establish collaborative events when it comes to releasing new and fresh content in their games.

The link to the tweet is here.

HD wallpaper video game tower of fantasy
Tower of Fantasy Art

For gamers who are new to Tower of Fantasy, there is a beginners guide right here.

What platform is Tower of Fantasy available on?

Tower of Fantasy is available on the Playstation consoles, Mobile devices and Microsoft Windows

When is the Tower of Fantasy X Evangelion event releasing?

This event will release on March 12th 2024.

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