Tower of Fantasy Calling Melody Event – Tips, Tricks, and Rewards

Tower of Fantasy Calling Melody

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Improve your skills and grab all rewards in the Tower of Fantasy Calling Melody Event with the help of this guide.

The Tower of Fantasy Calling Melody event is an exciting four-player adventure. In this event, you will join forces with other adventurers to take on challenging enemies. The event began on June 15, 2023, at 12:00 and will conclude on June 27, 2023, at 6:00. It provides a unique opportunity to test your skills, collect rewards, and immerse yourself in an epic battle.


Tower of Fantasy Calling Melody Event 

The Tower of Fantasy Calling Melody event takes place where you engage in battles using pre-configured weapons. Whether you prefer solo or team matches, the Tower of Fantasy ensures a seamless experience by equipping you with the right weapons, eliminating the need for prior configuration.

To start the Tower of Fantasy Calling Melody event, you need to use the special skills of the given weapons in the right order. When the battle starts, pay attention to the pictures or symbols on the screen. They show you how much power you have and what you can do to meet the goals.

Mastering the Calling Melody Combos

During the Tower of Fantasy Calling Melody event, you’ll be equipped with three event weapons distributed randomly by the system. Switching weapons is essential, as the previously mounted weapon is immediately replaced with the new one. Remember, the Harmony effect is triggered once all icon requirements are met, dealing significant damage to the monsters.

Your Calling Melody combos become more powerful and deal massive damage once the Calling Melody is activated. The combo level determines the strength of your attacks, with damage increasing proportionally. The next two upcoming weapons’ stats are displayed on the right side of the screen, and the weapons automatically change when switched.

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On the battlefield, you’ll find three-color ball-shaped boosts that periodically reload at regular intervals. These buffs offer specific advantages:

  • Red Bonuses: These provide a fully charged weapon, enabling you to quickly meet the Calling Melody requirements.
  • Yellow Bonuses: These lower the charge on the weapon, reducing incorrect fires and maintaining accuracy.
  • Blue Bonuses: These buffs restore your HP, ensuring your survival in intense battles.

Strategic use of these buffs is crucial to maximize the power of the Calling Melody and emerge victorious.

Tower of Fantasy Calling Melody Event Rewards

Your performance in the Tower of Fantasy Calling Melody event directly determines the rewards you receive. The number of activated Calling Melody combos and the damage inflicted in each round are used to calculate your rewards. While the event offers a variety of attractive prizes, it’s important to note that specific details may vary depending on the game version and event requirements.


Tower of Fantasy Calling Melody Event Tips and Tricks

To increase your chances of completing the Tower of Fantasy Calling Melody Event successfully, consider the following tips:

  • Strategic Weapon Switching: Change weapons that do not currently fulfill the requirements to optimize your gameplay.
  • Immediate Discharge: Give Phantasia the ability to use discharge immediately, providing you with an advantage when executing the Calling Melody.
  • Button Hints for PC Gamers: Utilize button hints to avoid pressing incorrect buttons while changing weapons, ensuring smooth gameplay.
  • Precision in Weapon Selection: Select the right icons before executing any discharges to prevent losing progress.
  • Damage-Boosting Weapon Choices: Carefully choose weapons that maximize your damage output, increasing your chances of success.

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