Top Football Matches to Watch With Your Friends This Spring


Spring is upon us, and with it comes a ton of exciting football. From the qualifying play-offs for the EURO 2024 to countless clashes in national leagues, football fans worldwide will have tons of games to watch – and bet on. Let’s look at the top of the games we’ll have a chance to see this spring.

Bayern Munchen – Borussia Dortmund, March 30th

There are fierce battles fought in the top 4 of the Bundesliga this year. So fierce that every major sports publication, even those covering , are on top of them. Leverkusen surprised everyone, leading last year’s champions by 10 points. Bayern needs every victory – but in their next game, they’ll have to face Dortmund, a team that surely won’t give up without a fight.

Manchester United – Liverpool, April 6th

While Liverpool is far ahead of the Red Devils this season, the game between the two on April 6th will certainly attract a lot of attention. If not for anything else, it’s because the Northwest Derby is a traditional rivalry in English football, turning 130 years old this year.

United will play at home – but Liverpool will bring the big guns. It will be a cool game to follow.

AC Milan – Inter Milan, April 21st

The two big names of Milano share the same stadium. So, when they play against each other, none of them has the home advantage – or both of them, depending on how we look at it. Both teams are currently in the top 4, with just Juventus between them.

Any edition of the Derby della Madonnina is exciting – this year, in turn, it has a real stake.

Real Betis – Sevilla, April 28th

Finally, here’s a match that’s not between teams in the top – Sevilla is 14th on the table, and Betis is 6th. Still, it will be an exciting game to see because it’s another long-standing Spanish football rivalry: the Derbi Sevillano has been played for almost 100 years.

Fans of the two teams around the world can watch the two teams clash at Estadio Benito Villamarín on the 28th of April.

As we wave goodbye to winter, the football season springs into a period brimming with thrilling matches. And, of course, a plethora of opportunities for betting enthusiasts. These matches are just the tip of the iceberg in what promises to be an electrifying spring filled with fierce rivalries, unexpected turns, and the relentless pursuit of glory. Whether you’re a die-hard supporter or a casual observer, these matches offer a unique blend of passion, tradition, and the unyielding spirit of competition that defines football. Betting on these games adds extra excitement, allowing fans to stake a claim in the outcomes, making every goal, save, and referee decision even more impactful.

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