A few days back 2K released WWE 2K20, to the delight of the wrestling fans.

Unfortunately, that delight vanished very quickly, owing to numerous bugs and glitches.

WWE 2K20 is a buggy mess
WWE 2K20 is a buggy mess

For some strange reason, instead of a highly anticipated game fulfilling wishes, a glitch-filled game, graced the shelves.

Naturally, this infuriated gamers, as it rendered WWE 2K20 completely unplayable.

Funniest WWE 2K20 bugs and glitches

While many games like FIFA 20, Call of Duty and several others, have moved forward in the graphics department, WWE 2K20 is going backwards.

#1 Bad hair day for Bailey

The game has had subpar graphics and multiple GIFs of freaky glitches have been floating around the internet for the past week.

WWE’s games have always had problems with a wrestler’s hair, but this is ridiculous.

#2 Scary Movie 2K20

There has been talk about the ring ropes causing problems, however, another bug is extremely hilarious and it covers the ropes too.

One wrestler seems to be frozen in the middle of the ring while the other is spinning uncontrollably at a crazy speed.


This could have been part of a horror movie with a wrestler getting possessed by a ghost, however, it is hilarious that this game was even released by 2K.

#3 Ring ropes and nightmares

One of the most common glitches are the ring ropes going haywire in a spectacular manner.

Sometimes, it turns into a tangled web and other times, it flies all over the place. The knees are also severely disjointed and character face customisation is practically nightmare fuel.


The music is spot on, but the game surely isnt.

#4 The ring is the monster

Other glitches include facial features straight out of a monster encyclopedia. A very lazy eye during character customisation also adds to the spectacle. Sometimes, the characters glitch out so badly that it seems like they are dancing.

Sometimes, the player is unable to pin their opponent or spontaneously knocks themselves out. There were even instances of ghosts in the game, evidenced by floating chairs and ladders. Sometimes, the opponent is invincible, as the player cannot get a hit on them.

Opponents can even teleport through tables, without them breaking, while the ring seems to be hungry for some souls.

#5 Floating referees

WWE referees might not have a lot of work to do in the ring, given the performances of the wrestlers.

However, they still are a key part of the show and have to be in place to make the count and even DQ the stars.

However, WWE 2K20 has some problems with the referees freezing up and floating about.

WWE 2K20 is a buggy mess and it will be interesting to see when 2K come out with a patch to save their annual wrestling franchise.

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