Here are the top 5 Asian Valorant teams in 2021

The major competition in the first-person shooter has been between the North American and European and CIS regions. But in the recent Masters event at Iceland, we saw some major game-changing moments from the Asian teams.

The North American team, Sentinels, won the Masters event. Fnatic, a European team came second. The major surprise was the third-place finishers Nuturn from the Korea region. They defeated the other NA and EU teams to get here.

With the Masters event at Berlin coming soon, we can say with certainty that some of the Asian Valorant teams are worth watching out for. Here are the top five Valorant teams from Asia.

Top 5 Asian Valorant Teams

  • Vision Strikers
  • Crazy Raccoon
  • X10 Esports
  • Nuturn
  • Velocity Gaming

Vision Strikers

Before the qualifiers for Masters Iceland, Vision Strikers were an absolute beast. They were on a winning streak which was absolutely insane. They were called as the best team in Korea with some even going as far as calling them the Sentinels of Korea. But a huge upset in the VCT Challengers caused them to be knocked out by Nuturn.

Unfortunately, only one team could qualify for the Masters event. Nuturn defeated them twice and secured their spot. Vision Strikers have shown some great improvement in the VCT Challengers Playoffs for Berlin. They also acquired Lakia, from Nuturn who is an absolute aim god. They will be tough competition in the Masters event in Berlin.

Vision Strikers roster

Crazy Raccoon

They are the best team from Japan. They qualified for the Masters event in Iceland. Unfortunately, their first match was against the no. 2 seeded NA team Version1. They were knocked into the lower bracket by the NA underdogs.

It was largely due to Version1’s post-plant setup which was hard to beat. In the lower bracket, they were up against the South-East Asian team from Thailand, X10 eSports. It was a tough match where they were defeated. Currently, they are still the best team in Japan who will most definitely qualify for the Masters event in Berlin.

Crazy Raccoon roster

X10 eSports

X10 eSports were the SEA representatives for the Master event in Iceland. They are currently the best team in the Thailand region. They also defeated all the teams from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Foxz is the best duelist on their team. He has an extremely accurate aim. His headshot percentage is comparable to Tenz and Scream. Sushiiboys is another notable member of the team. He is playing the role of sentinel in the team. He mains Cypher and Killjoy depending on the map. X10 has some great potential and could be a serious contender in the Masters event in Berlin.

X10 roster


Nuturn have proved themselves in the Valorant scene when they finished third in the Masters event in Iceland. An ex CSGO player, Solo is the team’s in-game leader. He is one of the oldest Valorant pro-players to play in a major event.

He has a wealth of experience from his CSGO days. Although Nuturn lost in VCT Korea Challengers Playoffs, they still have a chance to qualify for the Champions event through the Last Chance Qualifiers in October.

Nuturn Roster

Velocity Gaming

Velocity Gaming is an Indian team that has risen to the ranks of the Valorant scene in India. Earlier, the Indian Valorant scene was dominated by the team Global eSports. But after Velocity Gaming on the first qualifiers, they have started to get better and better. Mw1, the Jett player on Velocity Gaming is a great entry fragger opening up the sites for his team.

They will get a chance to qualify for the Champions event later this year through the Last Chance Qualifiers of the APAC region. The Last Chance Qualifies will have only one team from India, Pakistan Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Currently, Velocity Gaming is preparing for the Valorant Conquerers Championship.

Velocity Gaming Roster

These were our top 5 teams from the Asia region. The Asian teams have proved that they are not to be underestimated.

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