Top 3 eSports College Programs


For us who grew up in the ’90s, video games were something spectacular, magical, mysterious. Even the first generation of games like Tetris, SuperMario, or first Sega or Nintendo editions fueled our imagination and got us hooked right away.

We couldn’t even dream that thirty years later college eSports teams would compete on a professional level for cash prizes while playing multiplayer games. It only shows that if people love something, they will upgrade it relentlessly until they elevate it to the next level.

In this case, eSports gaming went international with many prestigious universities offering their own eSports college programs for talented students who dream about becoming pro gamers.

MSU Program

What is so special about the is that it does not only limit itself to competitive gaming but provides an array of related activities for each student to choose from.

Titles like CS: GO or League of Legends are just the tip of the iceberg as each student can participate in casual gaming or learn some basics of event planning or broadcasting eSports events.

Basically, MSU provides support like one of those expert writing services that help you with your essay assignments during your final exams. It helps young gamers find themselves or what suits them most by trying different stuff in a friendly and supportive environment.

Some folks just want to have fun while others dream about going pro which is totally fine because that is what casual gaming is all about.

Even college gamers are just regular students who have obligations or even use online assignment help if needed. MSU is therefore providing them with an optimal schedule that produces plus top-notch eSports experience.

Games like Fortnite, Rainbow Six, or other competitive games can provide great casual fun at MSU, but casual play is also a breeding ground for future pro gamers. If you are looking for a program that lets you explore your talent and opportunities this is definitely the one.

Top 3 eSports College Programs 2

Boise State University

Boise State takes things to another level by taking gaming very seriously, as a career worth pursuing despite one’s school interests outside gaming. It features special camps or workshops for talented freshmen who get the opportunity for testing their skills by training or getting advice from the pro players.

They also get their opportunity for trying Valorant or Overwatch mini-tournaments with post-tournament evaluation and analysts. Some serious training session, team building, or daily assignments is what awaits them at Boise Training Camp where they consider gaming a way of life.

College gamers who go through Boise Bootcamp can look forward to a prosperous esports career as they learn to act or think like professionals rather than some casual gamers who are just looking for a fun tournament.


You can admit that even if you weren’t an eSports fan, you would like to study in Miami just for fun, partying, or sandy beaches, thus . As eSports in college is becoming a thing these days, you may be surprised to know that Miami University is among the first colleges that recognized gaming potential.

In the last decade, esports were added to its varsity teams, so now we have Minecraft, Rocket League, or League of Legends class available. Each course or lesson provided by pro instructors shapes young gamers into team players ready to battle and eager to win.

Miami even features a course in design and gaming technology for those who don’t really see themselves as pros but are willing to work in this industry.

We can only envy the generation of young students or gamers that are coming to age as we speak because they are the ones who will enjoy those amazing games of the new generation.

It is not far-fetched to predict a new university for gamers that will emerge in our near future whose sole purpose will be providing education for professional gamers. All that may seem like a dream for a kid from the ’90s but it is becoming reality faster than you think.

Top-notch academic programs by many prestigious colleges are just a beginning as we can expect eSports to flourish on an international level. As a prosperous young student with a love for everything that has to do with gaming, your only concern is to pick the one that is right for you.