Top 10 Strategy Mobile Games Ranked


Are you looking for some Strategy mobile games? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Nobody will tell you about these games.

Strategy games are one of the most played genres in gaming, the big-brain gamers love this stuff and continue to do so to date. Players always like a challenge that gives their mind a run for its money, and it’s not surprising because it takes great decision-making, focus, a good eye for analysis, and remarkable foresight.

And guess what, what is the best platform to play Strategy games? Of course, it’s your handy smartphone. It’s compact, it’s comfortable, and its touchscreen gives you a much more efficient view over the field in strategy mobile games. If you haven’t explored the world of strategy mobile games yet, you’re just in the right place. Here are the top 10 strategy mobile games ranked.

Top 10 Strategy Mobile Games

10. War of Empire Conquest:3v3

3v3 gameplay
3v3 gameplay

Attention Age of Empires Fans! Looking for an Age of Empires like Real Time Strategy alternative on your phone? We have just the right game for you. War of Empire: 3v3 closest thing that you can get for Age of Empires on mobile. It was developed and published by a Chinese developer Xu Min 0124.

While heavily inspired by Age of Empires, the game plays and looks exactly like Age of Empires 1. Still, it has its own identity as it improves upon the original Real Time Strategy Formula, having far more and better features than the real deal. War of Empire includes 18 civilizations from around the world from the medieval ages. This real-time strategy mobile game lets you control all kinds of units and buildings manually giving you more room to strategize. The game starts with one of the players creating a match and the rest of them joining the band to fight against each other. A must-play if you are an Age of Empires fan. You can find this game on PlayStore.

09. Rise of Kingdoms

Pyrrhus character
Pyrrhus character

Rise of Kingdoms is an MMO real-time strategy mobile game, that focuses on wars of different civilizations throughout history. It gives the freedom of warfare through 11 civilizations and 27 heroes to play with. Rise of Kingdoms is developed and published by Lilith Games.

Like many other games, you start with humble beginnings to rise and become a legend. It is the player’s choice whether they want to go on a war to conquer the whole world, or whether they want to be a virtuous leader known for righteousness and virtue, or they want to explore the world as a traveler in search of the unknown. Strategize, conquer, and win in this game of blades. You can find Rise of Kingdoms on Android, IOS, PC, and Mac.

08. Partia

Partia gameplay
Partia gameplay

Partia is both a role-playing game and a strategy mobile game, combining both genres into one creates unique gameplay and sets Partia apart from other strategy mobile games. It is developed and published by Imago Software.

Partia is inspired by old-school classic console games such as Fire Emblem and the Tearing Saga. Though it’s a low-budget game, it ticks all the marks of a classic SRPG with better music than most of the games in the same budget category. You will go on an adventurous journey where you will face foes and betrayal by those you know. Get ready for the clash of might and magic. You can play Partia on Android and IOS.

07. Boom Beach

Play daily challenges in boom beach
Play daily challenges in boom beach

“Come with a plan or leave in defeat!” is what the developers say about this game, it certainly conveys something. Boom Beach is a multiplayer real-time strategy mobile game. It is sent in a tropical cluster of islands where the players set up their armies and defenses.It has very beautiful graphics just like all the other games developed by Supercell.

Though the game is completely online but the players get to destroy a combination of real enemy player and NPC bases too.It has a very good single player campaign as well, it often combines the two as both the modes take place on the same world map.The big bad of Boom Beach are known as “The Blackguard”.They are a group of military forces who constantly attacks the player bases. The whole game is set around the players attacking and defending against ‘The Blackguard”.Get ready to strategize and defeat The Blackguard in Boom Beach.You can visit the chaotic world of  Boom Beach through Android and IOS.

06. Transformers: Earth Wars

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Yes, the popular franchise has its own strategy game. Transformers: Earth Wars is a mobile strategy game developed by Space Ape Games and published by Backflip Studios.

It is focused on building a fortress and defending the base by assembling your own army to destroy the enemy base. Pretty classic gameplay for a strategy game, the mechanics remain as fun and fluid. If you are a fan of the franchise you will get to see Generation 1 characters and some original characters as well. You can catch this transformer’s fun train on Android and IOS.

05. Game of War: Fire Age

You will get an ancient feel in this game
You will get an ancient feel in this game

This strategy mobile game was widely known for its huge marketing campaign, It emerged on top of the charts in 2014 and 2015 in top-grossing apps, its based on a freemium service model. It was developed and published by Machine Zone.

Game of War: Fire Age has various modes like PvP and PvE that contain killing monsters and exploring dungeons, as well as city-building and event quests which offer a diverse gaming experience. Farm and gather resources, produce troops, and research advancements to progress just like other strategy mobile games. You can play Game of War: Fire Age on Android and IOS.

04. The Battle of Polytopia

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We chose an award-winning and pretty fun game to start with. It became one of the most popular strategy games with millions of players. The Battle of Polytopia has a very unique and beautiful art style, It uses a low poly art style one which you don’t see any other strategy mobile game using. It’s developed & published by Midjiwan AB.

It is a very fast-paced civilization-building strategy game with turn-based mechanics. The user interface is very fluid to interact with. You play as a ruler of a tribe competing with other tribes to take hold of the land of Polytopia while discovering new lands & technologies. Sounds interesting right? Check this game out on Android, IOS, PC, Nintendo, Mac, Linux, and Tesla cars and it can be played offline as well.

03. Lords Mobile

Formations are the most important thing in this strategy game
Formations are the most important thing in this strategy game

Lords Mobile won “Most Competitive Game” in the Google Play Awards in 2016 along with several other nominations and titles. It has more than 200 Million players around the globe. This free-to-play strategy mobile game was developed and published by the giant IGG which is famous for many famous MMORPGs.

Lords Mobile seamlessly integrates elements of role-playing, real-time strategy, and city-building. There are multiple gameplay modes with PvP battles as their main focus. There are guilds that players can join, Ocassionally there are some contests in which players can capture specific areas of the map to get bonuses and rewards. Ready to deal with Monsters and Darknets to acquire resources for your kingdom? You can experience Lords Mobile on Android, IOS, and Windows.

02. Plague Inc.

Plague the world
Plague the world

This genre-changing beauty was a sensation when it came out. Plague Inc. was something new and unique in the world of strategy mobile games. This 2012 simulation real-time strategy game was inspired by a movie from 2011 “Contagion” and an old flash game called “Pandemic 2”. Developed and published by Ndemic Creations and Miniclip.

Plague Inc. weaves a breath of fresh air in the era of similar-looking war base RTS games and spins the idea around of how a real-time strategy mobile game should be and makes something completely different and fresh in doing so. You are playing as an evil corporation, set out to either kill or enslave the planet with the help of genetically engineered versions of viruses and pathogens. 

There are multiple modes in the game, and players can choose from a wide variety of bioweapons, it depends on the players whether they will enslave the entire population with the help of worms or kill them all with a fast-spreading virus. The game contains a sophisticated epidemic model that handles all the real-time data of the spread in-game.

The players are always fighting against the government forces to keep up the virus spreading and not letting the institutions cure it through various strategies. You can get this evil experience on Android, IOS, and PC (named Plague Inc: Evolved.)

01. Clash of Clans

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And our top pick for “Top 10 Strategy Mobile Games” is none other than Clash of Clans. Well what can I say, the popularity speaks for itself. With over 500M+ downloads, almost 70M reviews and a user rating of above 4.5/5 alone on Google Playstore explains it all. Clash of Clans was published in 2013, developed by Supercell a company based in Finland. It was first released on IOS in August 2012 and then made its way to Android in October 2013.

In Clash of Clans, we play as a village chief in a fantasy-world setting, we are tasked with building our own village. We have a number of weapons and traps in our arsenal for both offense and defense. Players need to surround the village with heavy walls, traps, and artillery to defend the village from getting attacked by other players. 

The looting mechanic works by making troops of various kinds such as soldiers, mages, strong brutes, and healers, thus making a balanced army to help invade any heavily guarded village and loot the resources for themselves, and progress further by upgrading the village town hall. 

Players can make or join groups called “Clans”, which enable playing together to invade and loot together as a team. Clans of Clans was truly a refreshing take on Strategy mobile games and it inspired many more to come. You can experience this wizardry on Android and IOS. 


Are these games free to play?

Many of these games follow the freemium model, allowing players to download and play for free, but offering in-app purchases for various items or features. Some may have a one-time purchase price.

Can I play these games offline?

Most strategy mobile games require an internet connection to play, especially for features like multiplayer battles, updates, and social interactions. However, some may have offline modes with limited functionality.

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