Top 10 Best Farming Games Android has to offer


Get ready for the Best Farming Games Android. One of the most underappreciated genres of gaming definitely deserves a list of its own.

These best farming games android lets gamers experience are one of the most overlooked gaming genres is the simulator games where the player gets to build his own empire and expand their business over various methods.

These games used to be called tycoons and nowadays due to the wide expansion of this genre, there seems to be a good number of games specifically dedicated to farming especially on Android devices. Here are some of the best farming games Android has to offer.

(This list is in no particular order)

Best Farming Games Android Recommendations

Stardew Valley

Rating: 4.4

Probably the most famous indie game ever made, in Stardew Valley, you take on the role of a new adventurer who has recently relocated to the valley in search of a better life, all set in a universe of stunning pixel art. Building a house, producing goods and crops to exchange with nearby companies, and engaging in conversation with endearing NPC characters are all part of the gameplay.

The world itself is full of character and flair; the people living in the valley and the seasons have an impact on both of you. You can grow a variety of seasonal crops, raise a lot of content animals, and customize the farmer and house with hundreds of different possibilities. There are also plenty of light entertainment options, like taking part in thrilling seasonal festivities, spending a leisurely afternoon at one of the nearby fishing sites, and preparing and consuming delectable meals.

stardew valley creator shares screenshots from 2012 version of the game social
Top 10 Best Farming Games Android has to offer 11

Farming Simulator

Rating: 4.3

This is the installment of this realistic simulator uses an yearly release cycle. In the Farming Simulator , designers allow gamers to manage their own farm situated in a scenic region of North America. In addition to breeding horses and other animals and being able to ride them, players have access to more than a hundred different kinds of agricultural machines.

Moreover, you can cultivate a wide range of crops, including potatoes, wheat, sunflowers, corn, and many others. This is a rather straightforward task and one of the best farming games android offers: in order to purchase new lands, you must make a lot of money. The game is quite similar to its previous installments . You buy a farm, plant crops, harvest them, and then sell them for a profit.

Farming simulator
Top 10 Best Farming Games Android has to offer 12


Rating : 4.5

The oldest and probably the wisest (and maybe the best too) game on this list. We might be a little too old for Minecraft. In Minecraft, you are essentially free to do anything you want. In addition to mining and crafting, you can build, farm, fish, and raise animals. Since you do need food to survive, the early stages of the survival mode do demand at least some agricultural expertise.

You can grow different kinds of crops, rear chickens for their eggs, and then turn all of that produce into real food. Naturally, all they accomplish in-game is temporarily prevent starvation and replenish health. Still, together with everything else, it makes up a sizable portion of the game. Additionally, the game’s mobile version syncs well with Xbox and PC with its excellent cross platform functionality.

minecraft pocket edition demo screenshot
Top 10 Best Farming Games Android has to offer 13

Sumikkogurashi Farm

Rating: 4.3

The atmosphere of this game is greatly influenced by its aesthetics. Loveable animal characters and a free-form format that encourages user creativity and imagination are two reasons why games like Animal Crossing are so popular. Sumikkogurashi Farm uses a gentle color scheme and straightforward images in an attempt to evoke charm.

Building farms and collecting crops are the main game objectives. You will also be tasked with caring for animals, granting requests, and customizing Sumikkogurashi. If you enjoy Animal Crossing but want to play something based on a farm, this is a must-try delightful experience.

Truly one of the best farming games android has. Sumikkogurashi are charming, innocent animals that occasionally resemble two animals combined. The charming San-X style is included into this farming game.

sumikkogurashi farm 31501 9
Top 10 Best Farming Games Android has to offer 14

Harvest Town

Rating : 4.4

Harvest Town is a great agricultural game for Android that is a lot like Stardew Valley and will provide you plenty of jobs to keep you occupied in addition to a sense of success. Similar to Stardew, Harvest Town offers a plethora of experiences such as mining, sailing, and changes in the seasons.

You can just enjoy a realistic and captivating country life with it since it emphasizes free gameplay and has many unique RPG components. In addition to running the Farm, you get to engage in multiplayer minigames like racing and take part in a rich plot. Specifically, the weather effects are astonishingly realistic. Additionally, it has some really cool pixel images that seem like they belong in the game.

harvest town 32028 1
Top 10 Best Farming Games Android has to offer 15

Farmville 3

Rating: 4.1

Take me back to 2009 where the world enjoyed the juggernaut i.e. Farmville. I have personally seen everyone on Facebook sending gifts to everyone on Farmville to develop their own farm. The most recent title in the venerable FarmVille series is FarmVille 3. This one resembles the majority of the others quite similarly.

Along with other genre mainstays, you produce crops, raise animals, unlock items to adorn your farm, make friends, exchange gifts, and create things. Frankly, one of the best farming games android transitioned .Compared to earlier versions, this one is a little bit more limited. Since there is a limited amount of area available, you must manage your resources. This covers produce, livestock, and craft materials. A great game for old fans and newcomers alike.

Farmville 3
Top 10 Best Farming Games Android has to offer 16

Hay Day

Rating: 4.4

In the farming game Hay Day for Android, you can cultivate crops, provide food for your animals, and assist neighbors in need. You can develop your town, fish, grow and produce for other people, visit other people to check on their farms, and even open a roadside shop. It’s a solid communal farming game for Android with a nice amount of polish and all the necessary features.

To increase the potential of your business even further, you may also build production buildings like a bakery, barbecue grill, or sugar mill. You can also breed small animals like pigs, cows, and chicks to create eggs, bacon, and milk.

Hay Day
Top 10 Best Farming Games Android has to offer 17


Rating: 4.7

The gameplay of Township resembles to that of FarmVille. You gradually construct a farm on which you gather crops, process them in factories, and then market the finished goods to make money. You’ll add more and more different kinds of constructions as you grow. This increases the amount of things you can accomplish. It mimics a city builder in certain ways.

Nevertheless, since farming crops is the primary gameplay loop, it seems like it belongs here. With the exception of a few glitches here and there, it’s a good, unwinding little agricultural simulation. The pace is a tad leisurely, similar to FarmVille and similarly one of the best farming games android market choices.

Top 10 Best Farming Games Android has to offer 18

Blocky Farm

Rating: 4.5

Blocky Farm is just the game when someone has the idea of a detailed agricultural game using Minecraft graphics ever crossed your mind?  Don’t be fooled by the game’s pixelated aesthetic; you will still be able to run your farm, go to town, fish, and build connections with your neighbors and animals.

The nicest thing is that this game can be played offline at 60 frames per second (one of the few games to boast that), which means that finishing tasks won’t feel laborious and that the whole experience will feel buttery smooth. If you enjoy dabbling in agricultural games and are already into this graphical gameplay style, then definitely give it a try.

Blocky farm
Top 10 Best Farming Games Android has to offer 19

Smurf’s Village

Rating: 4.5

You got Smurfed as another big franchise comes to the mobile. Smurfs’ Village is a brand-new game that, as you may have guessed, stars everyone’s favorite Belgian blue critters. In this story, you battle the evil wizard Gargamel and his feline sidekick, Azrael, who have wreaked havoc on the hamlet and angered every resident.

The onus is now on you to put things right. You have the task of finding your missing blue companions and assisting them in settling into their new residence in the magical woodland in Smurfs’ Village. This farming game involves cultivating and gathering crops in order to maintain your new house.

Smurfs Village
Top 10 Best Farming Games Android has to offer 20

There you go gamers!! Time to harvest some of those crops

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