Tonikawa Season 2: More Laughter, Love, and Surprises Await Nasa and Tsukasa!


Tonikawa has earned praise from viewers since its premiere. Season was released on April 7, 2023. A romantic comedy anime that centers on Nasa and Tsukasa’s relationship, TONIKAWA will return with its second season to bring fresh surprises and memorable moments for this couple.

Tonikawa Season 2: More Laughter, Love, and Surprises Await Nasa and Tsukasa! 2


Tonikawa is an animated series that follows two young lovers through their romantic encounters and entertaining trials. It received critical acclaim during its initial run in 2023; now its second season has been confirmed and will air this coming 2023/2024 season, featuring many original cast and staff returning for new episodes.

Fiferst has found that Tonikawa stands out among other anime shows and mangas due to its distinctive plot. Nasa Yuzaki is an outstanding student with great plans ahead for himself; his life is set up and on course to becoming the best in his field; yet all plans change when he sees an exquisite girl crossing the street and becomes struck by her beauty – only for them both to be hit by a truck! When this occurs he confesses his feelings towards her immediately upon her rescue by confessing it first! However she demands they marry before commencing any romantic relationships.

Title“TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You” Season 2 – A romantic comedy anime returning in 2023/2024.
CharactersFollows Nasa and Tsukasa’s unique love story, featuring 12 episodes and the same cast and staff.
PlotSeason 2 dives deeper into character backgrounds, with more heartwarming and amusing moments anticipated.
Release DateSeason 2 premiered on April 7, 2023, on Crunchyroll and Funimation, with new adventures for Nasa and Tsukasa.
StreamingCrunchyroll shared a trailer for Season 2 and is expected to stream new episodes between 2023-2024.

Crunchyroll will air the second season of Tonikawa, featuring 12 episodes that follow her and her partner as they begin life together and face obstacles along their path.

Hiroshi Ikehata will direct the new season while Studio Seven Arcs will animate it – including all of the same production and voice acting teams from its predecessor series.


In Season 2 of Tonikawa (also dubbed Over the Moon for You), viewers will get an in-depth look into each character’s personal history, examining what makes them distinctive while uncovering some of the factors which shaped their personalities. Plus, new twists, amusing situations, and heartwarming occurrences await them in Season 2.

Nasa Yuzaki and Tsukasa’s relationship was tested during Season One of Tonikawa, from an apartment fire to their initial feelings changing; but through it all they never lost faith, and proved they were meant to be together.

In its second season, the anime will explore more of their charming married life and challenges they’ll be up against. Additionally, viewers will gain more insight into each character’s past to better comprehend their relationships.

Expectations is that Tonikawa Season 2 will continue as a romantic comedy with some truly heart-melting scenes that make you say, “Awww!” It was announced alongside an extra episode for its predecessor season and has retained many staff and cast from both seasons – Seven Arcs Studio will animate Tonikawa just like they have with Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and FLCL Progressive!

Release Date

Tonikawa Over the Moon for You was an instantaneous hit among viewers and critics alike in its first season. Now in its sophomore run, fans can look forward to more heartwarming and hilarious moments throughout season two as the series delves deeper into characters’ personal histories – further adding depth and dimension to its appeal.

This anime is based on Kenjiro Hata’s manga of the same name. The story revolves around Nasa Yuzaki and Tsukasa Tuskuyomi, two characters who met on test day of high school entrance exams and quickly fell in love. Unfortunately for Nasa though, Tsukasa had another plan – marriage must come first! Tsukasa later told Nasa they must marry first! Tsukasa eventually decided they must get married first before falling for each other – an anime adaptation has since become immensely popular among anime fans alike!

On April 7, 2023 during the Spring 2023 anime season, Tonikawa season 2 made its premiere on Crunchyroll and Funimation worldwide. Studio Seven Arcs animated this new chapter of Tonikawa; their opening theme song for season two is called Setsuna no Chikai (A Momentary Vow). As Nasa and Tsukasa continue their marriage and build lives together, new adventures await them while challenging each other will also test their relationship further.


Crunchyroll recently unveiled a trailer highlighting iconic scenes from both seasons as well as a brand new visual for Season 2. Production for Tonikawa 2, set to premiere later this year, is currently underway. Crunchyroll recently shared this trailer, showing iconic moments from Season 1 as well as offering up glimpses into Season 2.

Tonikawa Over the Moon for You was an extremely popular romantic comedy anime in 2020, inspired by Kenjiro Hata’s Tonikaku Kawaii manga series and produced by Seven Arcs. Boasting stunning visuals and intricate characters, Tonikawa Over the Moon For You proved immensely popular among its viewers.

The sequel should pick up where the first season left off, with Nasa and Tsukasa overcoming any remaining hurdles to their relationship and possibly taking their next step together by getting married. It is anticipated that new episodes will air sometime between 2023-2024.

Tonikawa Over the Moon For You 2 has been an enormous hit among both fans and critics alike, and is likely to be renewed for another season. The sequel features an all new cast of characters who explore more in-depth the couple’s relationship, along with hilarious twists that keep audiences engaged with new episodes when they premiere on Crunchyroll. New episodes should prove immensely popular; Crunchyroll has already announced they will stream it when it premiers.


Fans of the heartwarming and hilarious anime “Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You” are eagerly anticipating the upcoming season, which promises to delve deeper into the characters’ personal histories and deliver even more laughter and love. With the highly anticipated release on Crunchyroll, viewers can’t wait to see what adventures await this charming married couple.