Tomodachi Game Season 2: Friendship Tested in the Ultimate High-Stakes Game!


Yuuichi Katagiri in Tomodachi Game finally manages to gather enough money for a school trip with his friends despite years of struggle; but when some trip fees mysteriously vanish from their group’s accounts, suspicion falls on two members. The series might release within 2023 if the production work goes well.

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Tomodachi game

This anime strikes an excellent balance between action, comedy and romance while showing each character in depth.


Yuuichi Katagiri, an hardworking student who strongly values friendship, saves up money for his five friends to go on a school trip together but their savings are stolen by Manabu Kokokun (the creator of Tomodachi Game). Manabu kidnaps them all so he can participate in Tomodachi Game himself and use the debt collection service offered through Tomodachi Game against them to pay back what is owed them for the trip they were planning together.

Overview“Tomodachi Game” is an anime that follows a group of friends forced into a mysterious and high-stakes underground game that tests their loyalty and exposes their dark secrets. Fans are eagerly awaiting the second season.
CharactersThe main character, Yuuichi Katagiri, values friendship above all but hides a dark past. He is joined by friends Sawagiri Shiho, Mikasa Tenji, Shibe Makoto, and Kokorogi Yutori in the game, where they confront their secrets and relationships.
PlotThe story revolves around their struggle to survive the game and their trust in each other. The second season’s release date is uncertain but could be around 2023 if approved.
EpisodesThe anime is praised for its captivating characters and humor, although pacing can be inconsistent. It’s an enjoyable watch, though it had only one season.
Reviews“Tomodachi Game” has a dedicated following and concluded its first season with a cliffhanger. Critics’ opinions vary, with some seeing it as a unique gem, while others find it overrated and reminiscent of “Squid Game.
Future and ProductionThe second season’s approval and release date remain uncertain, but the first season’s popularity and source material adaptation provide hope for its continuation.

The first game is a badmouthing competition in which participants lie about one another. Shibe is accused of various acts such as trying to rape Shiho and impregnating a classmate; his classmates must defend him in court. Tenji attempts to help, but none of his classmates believe him; he attempts to convince them by doing a wire transfer scam with Hanamiya – she doesn’t take part.

Shibe was finally freed, and they agreed to take on his 500mio yen debt for adult TGs. Yuuichi collapsed following the fake Tomodachi Game but recovered by morning; still sore from playing fake Tomodachi Games but determined to find where real ones take place, Kuroki provided them with its location; they headed there after getting this information from him.


This unique anime has captured viewers with its intriguing story of five friends caught in an impossible game and must depend on each other to escape, stretching their friendship in unexpected ways. Already completed its inaugural season, fans are eagerly awaiting its second chapter!

Katagiri Yuuichi is a high school student who prioritizes friendship over money. With an affluent intellect and many friends among his peers, he enjoys popularity among his classmates until drawn into Tomodachi Game where his true colors become evident – his dark past filled with bloodshed is hidden from view by him while trying hard to hide it from those closest to him.

Yuuichi’s close friends include Sawagiri Shiho, Mikasa Tenji, Shibe Makoto and Kokorogi Yutori; all four have shared his struggles throughout his life. Through the Tomodachi Game they must confront their dark secrets while questioning each other’s relationships.

As it’s currently difficult to predict when Tomodachi Game’s second season will debut, as Okuruto Noboru has yet to approve it for production, the decision may take time – however if the production proves itself successful the second season could arrive sometime around 2023.


Karagiri Yuuichi is a high school student who places friendship before money. After working tirelessly to save up for his school trip, someone stole their funds and forced their group into an underground game that put each member to the test of loyalty to one another. Armed only with their MC’s cunning against its game admins, these friends battled their way through several rounds in this strange underground competition before ultimately defeating this mysterious underground competition and its creator.

This anime features captivating characters and hilarious humor, but its pacing can be uneven; some episodes move too slowly while others drag out for too long. Even so, it remains enjoyable viewing! Overall this series makes an enjoyable watch.

Cardcaptor Sakura is an timeless classic and Madhouse has done an exceptional job of balancing all these elements into an enjoyable viewing experience – it should not be missed by fans of magical girl anime!

Hard to believe this show only had one season, but it certainly was well worth your while. Packed with exciting matches, memorable characters, and hilarious jokes – it would have been amazing if there was another but typically shows like these are cancelled after several seasons due to poor ratings or insufficient viewership.


Though Tomodachi Game doesn’t enjoy as high a profile on Crunchyroll as other shows do, it still has an avid following. Its first season captivated audiences with unique plot twists and new characters; and concluded on an intriguing cliffhanger suggesting there will be more episodes ahead.

Based on Mikoto Yamaguchi’s manga series, Tomodachi Game follows Katagiri Yuichi, a high school student who values friendship above all else. He lives an enjoyable life alongside Shiho Sawaragi, Tenji Mikasa, Makoto Shibe and Yutori Kokorogi before their lives take a turn for the worse when they get involved in an ongoing debt repayment game – the only way out being trusting your friends!

Critics have given mixed reviews to this anime, with some fans hailing its unique take on high-stakes game genre as an unheralded gem this season’s anime offerings. Others, however, believe it to be overrated and comparable to Squid Games with its high stakes and unrealistic plotline.

As yet, Tomodachi Game hasn’t been renewed for another season of airing but Okuruto Noboru studio remains confident and continues working on it. The first season was highly popular with audiences and they have already adapted most of the original manga series which gives them plenty of motivation to continue working on this project.


“Tomodachi Game” has intrigued viewers with its thrilling plot of friendship and betrayal, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the second season’s release. With a unique take on the high-stakes game genre, this anime’s twists and turns keep fans on the edge of their seats. The anticipation is high for what lies ahead in the next chapter of this intense friendship challenge and if it all goes well, the series will release within 2023.