Tom Selleck’s Resilience: The True Story Behind False Gay Rumors


Tom Selleck has always denied being gay or homophobic; yet, this has never stopped his career from flourishing despite any reports about alleged homosexuality. This didn’t stop him from playing a gay character in In and Out though. Tom Selleck is not gay.

In 1991, placards with pictures of celebrities bearing the words, “Absolutely Queer,” were placed throughout New York City and sold at supermarket tabloids. Tom Selleck was one of these stars and sued the Globe supermarket tabloid for $20 Million as a result.

Tom Selleck is not gay

Tom Selleck has had to endure numerous false stories surrounding his life, including allegations that he is gay. Selleck denied these reports and took legal action against the newspaper that published them, noting that had it been true, he wouldn’t have come out publicly about his sexual orientation because he is such an intimate individual.

He has two children – one daughter and one son. Since 1987 he has been married to Jillie Mack. Additionally he is an accomplished indoor and beach volleyball player.

Even amid numerous false rumours about him, Selleck has always been strong enough to fight them off and is well known as an exceptional actor and inspiring figure who continues to be loved and supported. Even during times when there were questions surrounding him sexuality or his work being considered gay-related, people never stopped loving and supporting his work which is why his fan base remains vast today – an extensive fan base makes up its membership base today! He truly is an icon.

Tom Selleck is married

Tom Selleck has been married to Jillie Mack for thirty years and they share two daughters together. They live on a California ranch with 1500 native avocado trees where he enjoys indoor and beach volleyball as well as being avid fans of ice hockey. When possible he prefers staying out of public view rather than be bothered by paparazzi photographers.

Rumors surrounding Selleck’s sexuality had swirled since he first gained celebrity status, but they truly intensified in 1991 when supermarket tabloid The Globe printed posters suggesting he and other celebrities may be gay. Selleck immediately sued The Globe for $20 Million due to libel and invasion of privacy claims made in these posters.

Sexuality RumorsTom Selleck has faced rumors and false reports suggesting he is gay. He strongly denied these claims and even took legal action against a newspaper for publishing such reports.
Marital StatusTom Selleck has been married to Jillie Mack for over 30 years. They have two children together.
CareerSelleck is a renowned actor known for his roles in TV shows like “Magnum P.I.” and films like “Three Men and a Baby.” He has had a successful career despite rumors surrounding his personal life.
Athletic InterestsSelleck is an avid sports enthusiast who enjoys indoor and beach volleyball. He is also involved with the Detroit Tigers baseball team as a former minority owner.
Public ImageDespite dealing with rumors, Selleck remains a beloved figure in the entertainment industry and has a strong fan base. He has actively defended his personal life against false speculations.
PhilanthropyTom Selleck is involved in various charitable activities, supporting educational initiatives, children’s charities, and arts organizations.
Legal ActionIn 1991, Selleck sued a supermarket tabloid for $20 million for printing posters suggesting he and other celebrities may be gay, citing libel and invasion of privacy.
Professional RolesSelleck played a closeted gay character in the film “In & Out” in 1997 to combat suggestions that he might be homophobic. He has had a diverse acting career, spanning TV and film.
Advocacy and ServiceSelleck has served as a spokesperson and representative for organizations like the National Rifle Association and National Review magazine. He has also been involved with the California Army National Guard and veterans’ issues.

Selleck has always maintained that he is not homosexual despite these claims; in fact, he would not publicly acknowledge his sexual orientation even if it existed and believes many who speculate about his sexuality do so as part of an effort to make him seem “normal.” Luckily for fans of his work, these speculations have not hindered his career at all.

Tom Selleck is a family man

Magnum PI star Tom Selleck has two children, including his daughter. He resides on a ranch in Ventura County, California and enjoys indoor and beach volleyball as well as being an advisor on Detroit Tigers baseball team as a former minority owner. However, even after all his accomplishments it remains difficult for Selleck to escape paparazzi attention; yet despite that he refuses to let false gay rumors become widespread; sueing a supermarket tabloid for publishing an article suggesting otherwise!

Even though he is straight, he agreed to play a closeted gay journalist in 1997’s In & Out as a way of showing that he wasn’t homophobic. According to TV Guide he doesn’t understand why people spread such falsehoods about him and thinks these rumors may come from people wanting him to become gay.

Tom Selleck is a sportsman

Tom Selleck is an esteemed actor known for his roles on popular shows such as Magnum P.I. He has also starred in films like Mr. Baseball, Three Men and a Baby and Quigley Down Under. Although there have been speculations that Selleck may be gay, Selleck has denied these claims.

He contended that the posters were meant to attack him and others, damage his family relationships and diminish his reputation – and sought $20 million in damages from a supermarket tabloid newspaper.

He has served as both a spokesperson and representative of the National Rifle Association and National Review magazine, while also serving in the California Army National Guard and advocating for veterans’ issues. Since 1987 he has been married to Jillie Joan Mack and fathered one child; while remaining actively involved with educational initiatives and children’s charities. Furthermore he supports various arts organizations as a philanthropist.


Despite enduring false rumours about his sexuality, Tom Selleck’s enduring career, commitment to family, sportsmanship, and philanthropic efforts have made him an iconic figure in the entertainment industry. He’s shown that unfounded speculations can’t diminish his success or his dedication to important causes.