Tom Brady: Behind the Glitz, Gridiron, and Gisele – A Deep Dive into an NFL Legend’s Personal Life


Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is beloved amongst fans for many reasons – football stardom, straight men’s admiration, and leading an undefeated team to success are just some of them.

Gisele Bundchen, his stunning supermodel wife, has unfortunately been involved in DeflateGate and other legal complications, threatening their relationship and in 2022 they both got divorced.

Tom Brady– Beloved football star for New England Patriots
– Led an undefeated team to success
– Concerned about concussions in football
– Became upset with Alex Reimer over comments about daughter
Relationship– Married to Gisele Bundchen for over 16 years
– Encountered difficulties: Deflategate, public criticism, divorce rumors
– Despite rumors, managed to keep their family intact
Gisele Bundchen– Supermodel
– Involved in DeflateGate and legal complications
– Hasn’t publicly discussed relationship but evidently supports Tom
– Another son (Jack) from a previous relationship with Bridget Moynahan, shares interests with Tom
Children– Two children: Vivian and Benjamin
– Vivian: athlete, horse jumping, jiujitsu, resembles both parents
– Benjamin: lives with Gisele
– Tom upset over the radio host’s comments about their daughter
Controversies– Gisele involved in DeflateGate
– Tom kissed son in public, sparking debate
– Tom praised the Jets and their new coach, Todd Bowles
Other Information– Tom is friendly towards LGBT community, supports the Trevor Project
– Tom is friendly towards the LGBT community, supports the Trevor Project
– Unclear relationship status with Gisele post alleged divorce post

He has a wife

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have been married for more than 16 years. Together they have two children: Vivian and Benjamin. Throughout this time together they have been photographed at numerous events such as the Met Gala and Super Bowls.

Although their marriage has been successful, the couple has encountered various difficulties due to scandals like Deflategate, public criticism, and divorce rumors. Yet through it all, they managed to keep their family intact.

Although Gisele hasn’t publicly discussed her relationship, it is evident that she loves and supports her husband. She stood behind him during his recent press conference when he took a stand against the NFL’s anti-LGBTQ rhetoric; both individuals also donated time and funds to The Trevor Project.

He has a daughter

Tom Brady is an iconic NFL quarterback, and many people follow his family life closely. He shares two children – Vivian and Benjamin – with Gisele Bundchen; one daughter being Vivian, while Benjamin lives with Gisele herself.

His daughter is an athlete and bears a striking resemblance to both of her parents. She aspires to horse jumping while practicing jiujitsu, boasting an active social media presence where she posts regular photos with both of them.

He has expressed his concerns regarding concussions in football. In a recent interview, he noted that while he has experienced minor head injuries himself, they were all manageable and healed quickly.

Brady can sometimes get emotional. Most recently, he became upset at Boston sports radio host Alex Reimer over comments made during an episode discussing their daughter, Vivian. Reimer later apologized for his statements.

He has a son

Tom Brady has an enormous reputation as an NFL star. A seven-time Super Bowl Champion with an enormous net worth to match it, Brady has also made headlines due to his political and family life issues.

Many were shocked and upset when he kissed his son on the lips in public, sparking debate on social media regarding parenting and fatherhood. Although his act was innocent, it sparked an international discussion on fatherhood.

Jack Brady and Bridget Moynahan share custody of their 13-year-old son Jack and are close. Both father and son share many interests, with Jack becoming something like his mini-me – an avid fan of sports hoping to follow in his father’s footsteps as an athlete one day himself; with an organic diet and a love of video gaming!

He has a girlfriend

Tom Brady recently gave an interview about his significant other to Sports Illustrated and spoke highly of their relationship and of how great the Jets have been this season. He also gave some great praise to their new coach Todd Bowles.

Steve Buckley Boston sports columnist has stated that Tom Brady is very friendly towards LGBT individuals and supports the Trevor Project. Additionally, Buckley has known Bucs offensive line coach Ryan Nassib since their time together at Boston Herald; last summer Nassib came out and pledged to match donations made towards Trevor Project dollar-for-dollar.

Since Gisele Bundchen filed for divorce nearly 16 years ago, Tom Brady has made no public statement regarding their separation or their split. But recently he shared an incriminating post on social media which could be taken as evidence that they no longer share an intimate bond.


Tom Brady’s life, both on and off the field, is a blend of passion, controversy, and resilience. From his unwavering love for his family to the controversies that sparked global conversations, he remains an enduring figure in the world of sports and pop culture. He is not gay.