Everything you need to know about American politician Thomas Ravenel, including his net worth, personal life, and more.

Thomas Jonathan Jackson Ravenel, aka. Thomas Ravenel is also a reality television star. Let us look at Thomas’ net worth, career, and more.

Thomas Ravenel – Net Worth, Salary, and Personal Life

Thomas Ravenel Facts

Birth PlaceCharleston, South Carolina, United States
Father’s NameArthur Ravenel Jr.
Mother’s NameLouise Rodgers
Star SignLeo
Net Worth (2023)$6 Million
Date of BirthAugust 11, 1962
Social MediaInstagram

Thomas Ravenel Net Worth and Salary

It is believed that Thomas Ravenel’s net worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of $6 million. Thomas Ravenel is a successful businessman from a rich South Carolina family. He worked in real estate development and was interested in various economic sectors before his legal issues. His family has a strong history in business and politics, which would have helped him financially.

Regarding his pay from the reality series “Southern Charm,” information about the cast members’ salaries is not available to the general public. On the other hand, reality TV stars often get paid differently based on their amount of engagement, screen time, and negotiating strength.

Successful reality show cast members may make good money each season, anything from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars. It is unknown how much Ravenel was paid specifically for his performances on the program.

Thomas Ravenel Career

In 2006, Ravenel joined politics and won the State Treasurer of South Carolina election. Between January and July 2007, he performed this function. For cocaine possession and trafficking, particularly, Ravenel was charged with federal criminal offenses in 2007. He thus tendered his resignation as State Treasurer. After eventually entering a guilty plea, Ravenel received a punishment of 10 months in federal prison, followed by three years of probation.

Ravenel worked in real estate development before entering politics. He mostly focused on South Carolina-based initiatives. He has financial interests in various sectors, including real estate, agriculture, and energy. Additionally, he has dabbled in entrepreneurship and has been connected to companies like boutique hotels.

Thomas Ravenel
Thomas Ravenel

Through his participation in the Bravo reality television program “Southern Charm,” Ravenel attained widespread notoriety. The program covered the lives of affluent socialites in Charleston, South Carolina when it first aired in 2014. The early seasons included a lot of Ravenel, one of the original cast members. In 2018, Ravenel departed “Southern Charm” due to persistent legal problems and concerns with his personal life. In following seasons, he did sometimes make an appearance as a guest.

Thomas Ravenel Personal Life

Thomas Ravenel hails from a well-known family in South Carolina. His mother, Louise Ravenel, was a socialite, and his father, Arthur Ravenel Jr., was a former member of the US Congress. The Ravenel family has a lengthy record of involvement in state politics and industry.

The most prominent partnership that Ravenel has is with Kathryn Dennis, who was a cast member of “Southern Charm.” Together, they are parents of a boy called Saint and a girl named Kensie. Their turbulent relationship, which had ups and downs and custody disputes, was a major plot point on the program.

Ravenel has had intimate connections with other people in addition to Kathryn Dennis, however information about those relationships is less well-known. When he was charged on federal narcotics charges for cocaine possession and trafficking in 2007, Ravenel found himself in legal difficulties. He entered a guilty plea to these counts and was imprisoned for 10 months.

In 2018, Ravenel was the subject of public accusations of sexual assault made by a former babysitter when he was on “Southern Charm.” As a consequence of the accusations, Ravenel and the accuser reached a settlement. Ravenel indicated interest in going back into politics after being released from jail. He did not run for office again, nevertheless, due to his legal troubles and controversy.

FAQs about Thomas Ravenel

(Q) What is Thomas Ravenel net worth?
He has a net worth of approximately $6 Million.
(Q) How old is Thomas?
He is 60 years old.
(Q) When did he start his career?
He began his career in 2006.
(Q) Is Thomas married?
(Q) Does he have any kids?

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