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The Most Entertaining Twitch Categories 3

Twitch is the world’s most popular streaming platform. As many people know, it began as a video gaming-only website. In fact, it was created back in 2007 as ‘’ by a gamer who wanted to be able to share his live-streamed gaming session. The result proved hugely popular and, over the next decade, helped to put eSports on the map.

Today, Twitch largely remains the domain of competitive gaming and eSports. Some of the world’s most elite gamers use the platform to connect with followers or, if they play on teams, live-stream their latest matches. Still, Twitch has started to expand beyond the world of gaming. 

In fact, new features and channels are constantly evolving. For example, the Just Chatting category has helped catapult Twitch into an even more social space. In other words, it’s shifting to focus more deeply on the connection between subscribers and streamers. But that doesn’t mean you need to be a Valorant or League of Legends buff to find something that suits your interests.

If you’re interested in exploring Twitch but don’t have a deep interest in gaming, then try out one of the categories listed below. We detail why they’re interesting and which channels are worth checking out.

Poker (Games)

Poker is one of the latest trends to sweep Twitch. Most streamers focus on , which is the world’s most popular variation. However, you can also find three-card stud and Omaha easily. If you haven’t explored the world of poker before, then fear not—many channels are geared toward beginners. 

The popularity of poker on Twitch closely mirrors the online boom of the early 2000s, which came piggybacking on the popularity of poker tournaments. At the time, ESPN had started broadcasting tournaments, utilizing the hole cam to revolutionize the experience. Modern Twitch streamers offer the exact same intrigue—except they’ll also help explain the game, how it’s unfolding, and what move they’re making next and why.

Music Production & Talk (Music)

Poker straddles the line between entertainment and education, as many viewers are learning while they watch. However, other Twitch categories are more heavily geared toward the latter. This is especially true for music production and talk, a category that includes a myriad of instructional and explorational topics.

Most streamers focus on electronic music and production. However, there are also quite a few traditional musicians who explore different instruments. In some cases, streamers will combine both, highlighting how to use digital technology to enhance an instrument’s sound. Regardless of where you are in terms of musical education, you’ll be able to find a channel that suits you.

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The Most Entertaining Twitch Categories 4

Tattooing (Beauty & Body Art)

The Beauty & Body Art category is one of Twitch’s fastest-growing. That’s because it covers such a huge range of topics, from makeup tutorials to exploring different beauty products. However, some of the most fascinating channels cover the art of tattooing. 

Just like the other topics we’ve explored, you can find a wide range of tattoo-related subjects. First, there are tons of tutorials that help explain the basics of tattooing with a gun or by hand. Second, there are plenty of streamers who simply do their thing live—sometimes straight from their own tattoo shop. Third, there are also cultural explorations of tattoos, including western tattoos, Sak Yant tattoos (from Southeast Asia), and hand-poke tattooing.

Pools, Hot Tubs, & Beaches (IRL)

Twitch has branched off into some seriously strange territory—and that’s readily apparent in its ‘IRL’ category of Pools, Hot Tubs, & Beaches. So, what sort of content can viewers expect, and why is it worth their time? If you’re interested in the zany, you won’t be short on options. 

For example, FlexingSeal is a channel that focuses on the exploits of a friendly seal who’s partial to playing a toy saxophone in the water. There are plenty of other wildlife channels, too, such as a documentation of a family of otters and a live cam inside a duck sanctuary. So, if you’re interested in animals and other unexpected topics, you’ll find endless entertainment in this category.