The Most Educated Tennis Player in The World


Education does play an important role in the sport for it helps teach leadership, team spirit, tolerance, and a player spirit among people. We’ve seen several highly educated players with great qualities that have helped shape their sports career and shot to fame. 

Tennis is no different from other sports, and education has a rather important role to play. Of all, Rafael Nadal, the 35-year-old Spanish tennis player, happens to be the most educated in the world of tennis. 

World No.2 Rafael Nadal in conversation with the media sometime back in February.
World No.2 Rafael Nadal in conversation with the media sometime back in February. (Getty Images)

Rafael Nadal, King of Clay

The young and dynamic Spanish tennis player, also popularly known as the King Of Clay, is not only the greatest player of all time. He is famous for his single surface play and happens to come from a rich educational background. He has 17 Grand Slams to his fame and has risen to the second position as the most successful single major player. 

Nadal comes from a family with a rich sporting background and has athletics in his genes. His family has been professional footballers and tennis players. A solid background and good education are perhaps what has made Nadal the success that he is today. 

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Nadal has a rich study experience 

Rafael Nadal turned into a professional tennis player at the age of 15. This early success is credited to his uncle, Toni Nadal, a former tennis player. Apart from being a young and energetic tennis player, Nadal also focused on education and attained a doctoral degree from the European University of Madrid. Nadal’s opponents, committee members, and colleagues are all enthusiastic about working around him, for he is known to be a humble, sensible, and highly educated tennis player of all time. 

Nadal is also highly known for his soft and giving nature. The humble sports player is empathetic and patient and has many more skills that help him become a world-favorite tennis personality. 

Rafael Nadal cooking during the coronavirus pandemic
Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal trying his hand at cooking during self-quarantine at home. (Image credits: Instagram)

Fun facts about the player

Nadal was an enthusiastic footballer in his early childhood days and would spend time participating in multiple sports competitions and games centered around football. However, his uncle Toni Nadal nudged him towards playing tennis, and at the age of 8, his intensity to play tennis increased, and he slowly shifted paths to the sport, leaving football behind. 

Another fun and interesting fact are that Nadal is a right-hander for his daily life activities. His uncle identified his advantage of the left swing and asked him to practice playing with his left hand. He was also playing from both hands but later discovered that greater strength lay when he used his left hand to play.

Nadal also earned a scholarship in Barcelona at the age of 14 but refused to move away from his home. Later, his family sponsored his further training, and that’s how Nadal grew up, training for the sport from the tender age of three. 

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Nadal, 35 currently and on the rise

Nadal has won many championships and tournaments, and most sports enthusiasts anticipate that his participation in tennis will last longer. The comparison with Roger Federer says that Nadal is here to stay for a few more years. 

However, the future lies uncertain as much younger and talented players have now joined the wagon. There is time to wait and see who bags the Top 5 ranks at the work level in the coming years. He is currently at the third position in the world, ranking in the singles category.


Tennis is a favorite world sport, and talented players and coaches are credited for making this sport famous. Roger Federer, Serena Williams are names that every kid knows. We’ve all enjoyed the sport and it is testament enough that the coming time will see more leading and gifted players taking the court. Rafael Nadal has also displayed a tremendous journey so far. Huge credit goes to his long years of practice and dedication. 

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