The Hungry Lamb is Out Now With 20% Discount –  Should You Get it?



The Hungry Lamb is a new horror adventure game on Steam. Scroll down and find out everything about this game.

The Hungry Lamb: Traveling in the Late Ming Dynasty, the dark fantasy and horror adventure game is finally out on steam. The Hungry Lamb is an intriguing adventure set in the AD 1628-1644. The Hungry Lamb follows the story of Liang, a bandit whose life turned worse after the horrific Tianqi Explosion in 1626. Liang and his friends travel all over the world and kill innocent people and loot their money and resources.

In The Lamb, players explore Liang’s journey in ancient China and there are multiple endings as well. The story of Liang and his gang takes a twist when they are offered a job to escort four girls. While Liang embarks on a new mission, there are plenty of secrets, twists and turns that take the game forward. The Hungry Lamb is a mind-blowing horror thriller game and it’s available at a discount on Steam. Here’s all about The Hungry Lamb Steam price, offers, and gameplay.

Is The Hungry Lamb: Traveling in the Late Ming Dynasty Worth Buying?

The Hungry Lamb

The Hungry Lamb is available on Steam with a discount of 20%. There are plenty of exciting features in this horror adventure game. Here are some factors that make “The Hungry Lamb” one of the best thriller games in recent times,

Gripping Story 

The tale of The Hungry Lamb is unique. In every chapter, there’s a twist. The journey of Liang in China during Chongzhen’s reign is challenging. The protagonist has to travel with companions, slay enemies, loot money, and utilize skills to overcome challenges.

Liang and his gang have to escort four girls to a wealthy landlord in Luoyang city. While they travel together with 4 girls, one of the four girls named Sui reveals a shocking twist and this makes the story more interesting. The landlord is a powerful person who abducts girls during his birthday and kills them. He along with human traffickers has been involved in many crimes.

Liang has to believe Sui and save the girls from the dangerous landlord and also help them to complete the revenge against the Landlord for killing Sui’s sister. While Liang travels with Sui, more mysterious stories will be revealed.

Interesting Characters 

All characters in The Hungry Lamb have a different story. Right from Liang to Sui. Liang, a refugee, is involved in crimes and his goal is to become a gangster. Sui’s only goal is to avenge the swine demon for her sister’s murder.

Tongue and Kite are other primary characters who will be friends of Liang. Cui’er, Hong’er and QiongHua are other characters in the game. Everyone’s tale is different and their stories are interconnected when Liang takes on a new task.

Multiple Endings 

In The Hungry Lamb, you will get endings based on your choices and deeds. There are more than 9 endings and the outcomes are based on Liang’s crimes. With a rich storyline and lots of twists, you will not be able to guess anything till the end and the ending can be good or bad as well. Good deeds don’t reward anything, you will receive lots of loot for committing crimes along with Liang’s gang.

Should I Buy The Hungry Lamb: Traveling in the Late Ming Dynasty on Steam?

With a remarkable storyline, anime characters, scintillating music, and impressive content, The Hungry Lamb is an amazing game to play. Yes, you can purchase the game on Steam from the ongoing sale that also ends on 6 May 2024.


Who Can Play Hungry Lamb?

Hungry Lamb is a horror RPG launched for PC via Steam. The game is set in the early 16th century and the story of many explorers makes this an interesting game.

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