The Gilded Age Season 2 Release Date Revealed – Get Ready for More Glamour and Scandal


One and a half years have passed since fans first encountered Julian Fellowes’s post-Downton Abbey production, American Crime. Set during an age of immense economic change when fortunes were made and lost rapidly and fierce rivalry existed between old money and new money – the dramatic and exquisite costumes have mesmerized audiences ever since its initial airing on Netflix in August 2016.

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The Gilded Age Season 2 Release Date Revealed – Get Ready for More Glamour and Scandal 2
Series TitleThe Gilded Age
SeasonSeason 2
Release DateOctober 29
Number of Episodes8
Main Cast– Carrie Coon as Bertha Russell – Cynthia Nixon as Meryl Gummer – Christine Baranski as Abigail Adams – Morgan Spector as George Russell – Louisa Jacobson as Gladys Russell – Blake Ritson as Oscar van Rhijn – Michael Cerveris as Henry Church – Taissa Farmiga as Marian Parrish – Laura Benanti as [Character Name] – Nathan Lane as Ward McAllister – Dakin Matthews as [Character Name] – David Furr as [Character Name] – Matilda Lawler as [Character Name] – Nicole Brydon Bloom as [Character Name] – and more Broadway actors and guest appearances.
CreatorJulian Fellowes (Downton Abbey creator)
Executive ProducersJulian Fellowes, Sonja Warfield, Michael Engler, Gareth Neame, Bob Greenblatt, David Crockett, Salli Richardson-Whitfield.

Season 2 Release Date

After The Gilded Age’s season 1 finale ended over 18 months ago, fans have been eagerly awaiting news on its second installment. Recently, HBO unveiled a teaser trailer and release date; and it appears to be on track for becoming another period drama smash hit!

The second season of HBO Max will premiere on October 29, and Carrie Coon returns as Bertha Russell for another eight episode journey that explores her preparations for battle without using blades or firearms – instead relying on words and negotiations instead of fighting with blades or firearms. Ward McAllister (Nathan Lane) warns her against disrupting high society but Bertha remains intent on her journey towards getting what she desires in life.

Julian Fellowes, creator and executive producer of Downton Abbey. Sonja Warfield and Michael Engler serve as producers, while Laura Benanti, Robert Sean Leonard, Nicole Brydon Bloom Dakin Matthews Christopher Denham and Matilda Lawler serve as regulars. This season will follow the lives of the prestigious Russell family who inherit their railroad empire but must struggle against new riches coming in through New York in 19th century New York – as they try to maintain it against competition from newfound wealth.


After much anticipation, fans of HBO’s period drama The Gilded Age can now look forward to its return this October. The 8-episode season will air Sunday nights on HBO and be available for streaming via Max.

Teaser trailer for “Newsroom: Empire of Wealth” has arrived and promises to capture viewers with its battle between old ways of power and wealth and new systems of wealth and fortune. Starring Carrie Coon as Bertha Russell who continues her fight against New York’s elite society while fighting for herself within it while George struggles with unionization at their steel plant, this series won’t disappoint viewers!

Most of the main cast will return, such as Cynthia Nixon as Meryl Gummer, Christine Baranski as Abigail Adams, Morgan Spector as George Russell and Louisa Jacobson as Gladys Russell; Blake Ritson as Oscar van Rhijn; Michael Cerveris as Henry Church and Taissa Farmiga as Marian Parrish are back as well as notable faces Laura Benanti (Life & Beth), Nathan Lane with his signature mustache as Ward McAllister; Dakin Matthews (Argo); David Furr (The Highwaymen); Matilda Lawler (House); Nicole Brydon Bloom (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit).

Julian Fellowes, creator of Downton Abbey, serves as creator, writer, executive producer and director for this series. Sonja Warfield co-writes each episode with him while Michael Engler also contributes as executive producer on this project alongside Gareth Neame, Bob Greenblatt David Crockett and Salli Richardson-Whitfield who all help shape it from start to finish.


Carrie Coon and Cynthia Nixon star in this beloved period drama that will return for season 2 this Fall on HBO and streaming service Max, created by Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey). It follows an unconventional family who challenge tradition. Season one was critically acclaimed and gained an enormous fan base.

The new season’s cast will feature more working-class stories. The number of series regulars has doubled from 12 to 24 for season 2, giving this series more depth with complex and realistic characters that feel authentically Upstairs/Downstairs-esque – featuring many Broadway actors among its cast!

Most of the main cast from season one will return, including Carrie Coon as Bertha Russell, Christine Baranski and Cynthia Nixon reprising their roles, Denee Benton as Peggy Scott, Audra McDonald as Dorothy her mom and Nathan Lane as Ward McAllister – among many others.

Kelli O’Hara will play socialite Aurora Fane while Donna Murphy returns as Mrs. Astor, with new actors Laura Benanti, Robert Sean Leonard, Nicole Brydon Bloom Christopher Denham David Furr and Matilda Lawler set to make appearances in Season 8.


Julian Fellowes, best known for creating Downton Abbey, has returned with his 19th century New York period drama The Gilded Age for round 2. It will focus on social rivalries and competition between old money and newly rich families during its second season and is projected to feature eight episodes.

The debut trailer gives viewers a peek into the glamorous world of this series, where Carrie Coon as Bertha Russell prepares to fight while Ward McAllister (Nathan Lane) questions her on whether she can “go to war with New York Society”.

This year’s cast has seen several of its regular actors elevated to series regular status, such as Audra McDonald as Peggy’s mother Dorothy Scott; Nathan Lane as social powerhouse Ward McAllister; John Douglas Thompson as Arthur Scott; Ashlie Atkinson as Mamie Fish from Peggy; and Claybourne Elder as Aurora Fane’s husband Charles Fane – to name just a few!

Cast includes many Broadway stars as well, with nearly all of its actors having appeared onstage at some point. Filming began in May 2022 shortly after Christine Baranski completed shooting The Good Fight’s final season and Cynthia Nixon wrapped work on And Just Like That. Co-produced between HBO and Universal Television, Fellowes is creator, writer, and executive producer while Bob Greenblatt, Gareth Neame, David Crockett and Salli Richardson-Whitfield also serve as EPs on the project.