The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store Showcase — May 2024



The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store deals are back. Find out all featured rewards and the best offers.

Elder Scrolls Online is an open world MMORPG where stories are non-linear. You can play the game in both first and third-person perspective. Elder Scrolls Online features 10 races. You can choose one among Humans, Elvish or Bestial. After choosing a race, you can proceed to select a class and unlock spells for your characters. The skill tree feature is unique and you can either become a vampire or werewolf.

The plot begins in Tamriel and stories are interconnected with previous games from the Elder Scrolls franchise. You have to defeat other clans, steal loot, craft equipment and survive in the fantasy world. The goal is to save the city of Skingrad from demons and you can all types of skills for battles. The new bundle for Elder Scrolls Online is released featuring crowns, crates and more items.

Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store – Rewards

The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store
The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store Showcase — May 2024 3

The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store for may 2024 showcases plenty of items. Resources including crowns will be available for all platforms. You can purchase all items using crowns, gold and gems. The deals will be available only for a limited time in the Crown Store Page. Here’s what you can purchase,

  • Crown Pack

Free Exclusive Rewards 

  • Statuette: Orc Warrior

Crafting Items

  • Crown Crafting Motif: Sunspire Style
  • Painting: Infinite Archive
  • Crown Crafting Motif: Welkynar
  • Crown Crafting Motif: Annihilarch’s Chosen


  • Molag Kena Arms Pack
  • Elder Scrolls Artifact: Sinweaver
  • Selene Arms Pack
  • Baron Zaudrus Arms Pack
  • Truth and Logic 
  • Elder Scrolls Artifact: Spear of Bitter Mercy

Wardrobe Costumes

  • Shrike’s Nocturnal Frock
  • Xanmeer Crate


  • Statue, Pride of Alkosh Hero
  • Music Box, Diamond Melody

Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store – Best Deals

Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store
The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store Showcase — May 2024 4

You can purchase these featured items, content and cosmetics from the Crown Store page by spending in-game virtual currency including Crown, Gems and Gold.

  • Dark Moons Markings – 240 Crowns
  • Season of the Dragon: DLC Bundle – 2300 Crowns
  • Shadow Atronach Senche – 2500 Crown Gems, 16000 Seals of Endeavors
  • Prize-Hunter’s Patch – 400 Crowns 
  • Cold-Flame Epidermis – 400 crown Gems, 8000 Seals of Endeavors
  • Painting: Infinite Archive –  Free

These are the new featured items in the Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store page. The Season of the Dragon DLC bundle features exclusive new content where you can play new quests and unlock new skills for every race. ESO Plus members can unlock many of these rewards for free and will get monthly deals as well.

That’s everything you need to know about Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store rewards, deals and content. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.


Is Elder Scrolls Online available for Nintendo Switch?

Elder Scrolls Online, the MMORPG, is available for PC, macOS, PlayStation and Xbox. The game has not been launched for Nintendo Switch yet.

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