The Starship Troopers Terran Command  Urban Onslaught DLC features new weapons, content and enemies.

Terran Command is one of the best games from the Starfish Troopers franchise. In this real-time strategy game, warriors have to save a remote mining colony by destroying all aliens. There have been multiple DLC for Starship Troopers Terran Command over the years and the makers have launched the new DLC as well. Urban Onslaught is the new DLC from Starship Troopers Terran Command series.

The entire Mobile Infantry on the Kwalasha planet have to join forces together again as the city of Mahanagar is under a huge threat from enemies of Iraq. Cops and Infantry have to defeat the alien force to save Mahanagar. The DLC grants new equipment and it has lots of challenges. Here’s all about Terran Command Urban Onslaught DLC, price and content.

With the latest weapons and riot shield, you have to join the mobile infantry in the biggest mission of the DLC. The bugs invade the war zone and you have to utilize all equipment before entering the High Ground zone. New Turrets and Air weapons are available in the expansion pack. New defensive turrets, player units, archanid enemy units and campaign story missions are all the new content for the DLC. Players can explore open maps and complete 9 new missions against the bugs.

Overcoming Bugs in the streets of Mahanagar will be a mighty challenge for troops as these Arachnids are resistant against attacks. Missions in the DLC expansion pack of Terran Command Urban Onslaught will be available at a higher difficulty level and you have to get the best builds for your troops. Reaching buildings in the Mahanagar becomes easier as you can navigate through underground basements, sewers and new metro lines.

Terran Command Urban Onslaught DLC – New Weapons

Explosive weapons and shields are the equipment to tussle against the Arachnids in Mahanagar. The makers have added new weapons and equipment for the Urban Onslaught DLC. Here’s everything included in the expansion,

Terran Command Urban Onslaught DLC
Starship Troopers Terran Command Urban Onslaught DLC

A-12 Pegasus Gunship

This aerial minigun comes with wing-mounted rocket pods and you can launch your attacks while flying. The Pegasus Gunship is primarily used for ground battles.

J.A.C. Trooper

The explosive Jumpjet Assault Cannon Trooper will be available with a recoilless rifle. JAC Trooper launches heavy attacks and can break medium armor and jetpacks.

M7 Cyclone

M7 will be a top-tier weapon for both ground and air enemies. M7 Cyclone grants a booster jump ability that helps infantry climb higher levels quickly.

M23 Rainmaker

M23 Rainmaker is a long-range mobile missile launcher. The weapon fires missiles and destroys hordes of bugs. M23 Rainmaker will be an excellent pick to overcome the Arachnid threat.

Best Turrets

Turrets are mounts for weapons. In the new Urban Onslaught DLC, players can unlock all defensive turrets against the bugs.

  • Autocannon Turret – Autocannon Turret works well against medium armor sets and can endure attacks. The dual cannons will be a great advantage for this mount. 
  • Mortar Turret – Use this to unleash barrage of mortar against light armored enemies
  • Heavy Gun Turret – The turret grants a high velocity gun that works against targets with heavy armor 
  • Ballistic Missile Turret – This turret works when your defenders are in long range. The heat seeking missiles of the Ballistic Missile Turret grants a massive advantage.

Enemies in Terran Command Urban Onslaught DLC 

The primary task for the mobile infantry is to destroy Arachnids that trouble the streets of Mahanagar. New bugs are seen all over Mahanagar. Warriors have to overcome these bugs in the new expansion,

  • Hornet Tanker – With a tactical approach, you can overcome these bugs that arrive with a Hornet Nest.
  • Ravager – Ravager is a dangerous bug that unleashes projectiles from all ranges. Once the ravager loses its tail, it becomes lethal
  • Hornets – Hornets can fly and launch attacks. Though these bugs are not hostile, their hornets can be dangerous 
  • Burster – Burster will eject a volatile substance and explode after a short time.

That’s everything you need to know about Terran Command Urban Onslaught DLC content. You can purchase the new expansion pack from the official website.

How to Get the new Starships Troopers DLC?

With the base version of Starship Troopers Terran Command, you can purchase the new Urban Onslaught DLC content on Steam. The expansion pack is also available at 10% discount.

Who can play Terran Command?

Starship Troopers: Terran Command is a real-time strategy single-player game that’s launched for PC. Here, players have to mine resources and complete tasks. The goal is to overcome the alien threat in the mining colony.

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