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Ahead of his much-anticipated featherweight title rematch against A.K. McKee at Bellator 277, we take a look at his Patrico Pitbull’s wife, his family, kids and more

You would think that for a fighter whose nickname is ‘Pitbull’ his demeanor outside the octagon will be that of an authoritarian and uptight personality. However the second-ever Bellator two-weight world champion is a true-blue family man as much as he is a savage inside the cage.

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Patricio Pitbull (MMA Junkie)

Patricio Freire is the younger brother of lightweight contender Patricky. He is currently ranked as the no.4 featherweight in the world by Fight Matrix, having been ranked as high as no.3 in October 2020. Combat Press ranks him as the no.5 featherweight, no.5 lightweight and no.9 pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Sherdog ranks him as the no.6 lightweight and no. 7 featherweight fighter in the world. He is also ranked as the #1 featherweight fighter outside of the UFC by Ranking MMA.

Teresa Silva Freire’s husband Patricio Freire

He started training in jiu-jitsu early at the age of 10 to defend himself because of his size. Freire made his professional MMA debut in March 2004 at the age of 16. For the first five and a half years of his career, he competed in his native Brazil and garnered an undefeated record of 12-0.

When Patricio was 5 years old, the family suffered a bandit attack. The incident caused a deep trauma on Patricio and even to this day, he suffers to get sleep at night. Patricio’s older brother Patricky had explained the cause behind the attack before. Someone spread the rumor that their father had a gun collection. That news wasn’t true.

“Someone spread a rumor my father had a collection of guns, It wasn’t true. But that’s why they targeted him even though he was a police officer. They wanted to steal the guns they thought he had. It was a night of terror. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it,” he said.

“When I was in the living room and saw the window in the boy’s room was open, I didn’t second-guess. We always kept it closed at night, so I knew they had opened it from the outside. I stood by the door, and as soon as one of them tried to make his way in, I shot him. I felt it was a do-or-die situation. I was protecting my family, and it was the right thing to do. I’d do it all over again,” Pitbull’s mom said.

“She shot him right between the eyes. I saw the whole thing, My mother told my father about what happened, and he said she was mistaken, she was just imagining she had hit him. But in the morning, he went around the house and saw the bandit’s body lying there,” he spoke recalling the traumatic experience.

He further added that he went to watch the bandit laid down with his head crumbled in his final moments. That made him more matured and he said he became a ‘man’ at the age of 5.

Teresa Silva Freire family and personal life

Teresa Silva Freire has managed to maintain privacy in today’s age of internet, and directs all her focus toward taking care of the family. She has a private account on Instagram, but can be seen on numerous posts that Pitbull has made over time. They had lost a child previously due to miscarriage. But the pair currently has two children, namely Davi and Miguel. Davi is the older one of the two. His older son has begun training in jiu-jitsu already, and whether he follows his father’s path to MMA is a question for the future.

FAQs about Teresa Silva Freire

Who is Patricio Freire’s wife?

Patricio Freire’s wife is Teresa Silva Freire.

How many children does Teresa Silva Freire have?

Teresa Silva Freire and Patricio Freire have two children, Davi and Miguel.

What is Teresa Silva Freire’s nationality?

Teresa Silva Freire’s nationality – Brazilian.

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