Wimbledon 2023 prize money: Everything you should know about how much is at stake


Here’s everything you need to know about the prize money on offer for participants at the 2023 Wimbledon

Wimbledon is the oldest and one of the most anticipated tournaments in the tennis calendar. The 136th edition of the event is less than a month away and the Wimbledon fever is already gripping Tennis fans across the globe. The main draw of the tournament will begin on July 3 and continue till July 16. Let us take a look at the allocated prize money up for grabs for the players during the tournament in various categories like Singles and Doubles.

Wimbledon 2023 prize money
Wimbledon 2023 prize money

The All England Club has announced a record-breaking total pot of 44,700,000 pounds for the 2023 Wimbledon Championships. The Singles’ winners in both the Ladies and Gentlemen’s categories will receive 2,350,000 pounds while the runners-up from both of these categories will take home a total of 1,175,000 pounds. The overall prize money on offer at this year’s Championships has increased by a whopping 11.2% from the previous edition in 2022 and there has been a 17.1% increase from the last pre-pandemic edition in 2019.

Men’s and Women’s Singles Prize money

There is equal prize money on offer for players of both the men’s and women’s categories. Let us take a look at the total allocated prize for each round of the singles draw.

StageGBP% vs 2022% vs 2019
Winner 2,350,00017.5 %_
Runner-up1,175,00011.9 %_
Semi-Finalists600,00012.1 % 2.0 %
Quarter-Finalists340,0009.7 %15.6 %
Fourth Round 207,000 8.9 %17.6 %
Third Round131,0009.2 %18.0 %
Second Round 85,0009.0 %18.1
First Round55,00010.0 % 22.2 %

Men’s and Women’s Doubles Prize money

Let us now take a look at the total allocated prize money for each round of the men’s and women’s doubles draw.

StageGBP% vs 2022% vs 2019
Winner600,00011.1 %11.1 %
Runner-up300,00011.1 %11.1 %
Semi-Finalists150,00011.1 %11.1 %
Quarter-Finalists75,000 11.9 % 11.9 %
Third Round36,2509.8 % 13.3 %
Second Round22,000 10.0 %15.8 %
First Round13,750 10.0 % 14.6 %

Wimbledon 2023 Prize money: Huge increase compared to 2022

There has been a significant increase in the overall pot as well in the prize money for every individual category compared to the previous edition. For 2022, Wimbledon’s total prize pot was £40 million, which implies an increase of more than 4 million this time around. Across all the categories, the total amount paid out to players last year was £40,350,000. It was a 15% increase compared to 2021 while there has been an increase by 11.2% this time around.

Ryan Peniston
Ryan Peniston

If we compare the individual categories, we’ll see that the winners of the Men’s and Women’s doubles at Wimbledon 2022 received £480,000 each while the runners-up bagged £240,000. In the case of Singles, the winner of the Wimbledon Men’s and Women’s Singles in 2022 took home £1,700,000 each. The runner-ups received £900,000. There has been a drastic increase in both these categories in 2023.

Prize money for wheelchair tennis champions at Wimbledon has more than doubled since the singles event was introduced in 2016. Wimbledon is the first grand slam to pay the winners of the wheelchair singles more than those knocked out in the first round of the able-bodied event.

Men’s wheelchair doubles has been played at Wimbledon since 2005, while the women’s doubles event was introduced in 2009. In 2022, Wheelchair singles winners got £51,000, while wheelchair doubles winners earned £22,000 per pair. The same sums applied for the quad wheelchair players, too.

In 2023, prize money for both the wheelchair and quad wheelchair categories has been increased by close to 20%. The prize money is equal for both the men’s and women’s categories.

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