The Coach Inclusion Program aims to promote equality and include more women in the workforce

WTA has launched a new Coach Inclusion Program intending to increase the number of female coaches in the WTA by promoting professional and grassroots coaching. It aims to break down barriers and provide opportunities for women looking to enter coaching at the professional level. Participants of the program will receive their coach certification, valuable industry contacts, and a great chance to make it big in professional Tennis coaching.

The new program was officially launched on Thursday. Speaking on the purpose and benefits of this new program, WTA Chairman and CEO Steve Simon said: “The Coach Inclusion Program is an important step toward diversifying and broadening our coaching pool. It is crucial for our organization to promote and provide coaching career pathways for women, as well as for our former athletes, to have an opportunity to learn and grow in this crucial coaching role.”

WTA already has a similar program in place called the ‘WTA Coach Program’, which was established in 2017. The older version focuses more on increasing the coaching pool irrespective of gender and the new initiative extends the earlier version, with an added motive of including more female coaches in the pool.

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Fans react to WTA’s new initiative on Twitter

Let us take a look at some reactions from fans to WTA’s latest program.

“Haha. Perhaps they should focus more on promoting WTA finals. Players themselves hire male coaches”, a fan shared an interesting take.

“Great .. But tennis is a world sport and this specifically is for US based coaches. More of a USTA initiative than WTA, surely”, wrote another fan.

“Why wouldn’t the male CEO and Chairman also give up his position so a woman can run women’s tennis?”, read another tweet.

“A good step forward”, tweeted another fan.

Another user wrote: “I bet in 5 years time the male coach to female pro ratio will remain unchanged.”

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