Why does Alexander Zverev take insulin shots while playing Tennis?

Alexander Zverev foundation
Alexander Zverev foundation

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German tennis star Alexander Zverev is currently ranked World No.17 in ATP singles – but why does he take insulin shots while playing Tennis?

If you’re an ardent Tennis fan, you might have seen Alexander Zverev taking insulin shots between games. Have you wondered why? Well, Zverev suffers from severe diabetes and his diabetic condition was diagnosed when he was just three years old. Despite all the struggles, Zverev has emerged as one of the top tennis stars in the world but he has to take insulin shots while playing as advised by his team of medical experts.

Zverev suffers from Type 1 Diabetes which means that his body is not able to produce insulin. Therefore, he needs to inject himself with insulin daily and that’s exactly why he has to do it even when he is playing.

Zverev has been able to perform at the highest level only because he always carries everything he needs with him to manage the disease, and he knows his body very well.

Alexander Zverev has launched his own foundation for Diabetes

Alexander Zverev aims to make a positive change in the lives of needy people through his ‘Alexander Zverev foundation’. He has launched it recently and it will support children with diabetes and provide medication for those in developing countries with the condition. The German knows very well how it feels to struggle with diabetes and he launched the charity to help children facing similar issues.

The foundation was officially launched in August 2022. In his official statement, during the launch, Zverev stated: -“Today, the Alexander Zverev Foundation has officially come to life, supporting children with type 1 diabetes and helping people prevent type 2 diabetes by living a healthy and active life.

Our mission is to provide insulin and life-saving medicine to children in developing countries and those in need. As a type 1 diabetic myself, I want to encourage children with diabetes to never give up on their dreams no matter what others might say to you.”

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