Carlos Alcaraz Girlfriend Maria Gonzalez Gimenez: Net Worth, Interesting Facts, And More


Here’s everything you need to know about Carlos Alcaraz’s girlfriend – relationship, career, personal life and more

Maria Gonzalez Gimenez: Carlos Alcaraz's girlfriend, career, personal life, and more

Carlos Alcaraz is presently dating Murcia-based tennis player, Maria Gonzalez Gimenez. Like Alcaraz, she is a Spanish citizen and a regular tennis player. Gimenez plays tennis for Murcia Club de Tenis.

Carlos Alcaraz
Carlos Alcaraz in action at the 2023 Argentina Open

The couple shares a very private relationship, away from the public eye but only a few pictures of them together have recently surfaced on the internet. Carlos Alcaraz was born in El Palmar, Murcia and it is rumored the couple have been childhood friends, hailing from the same city.

Maria Gonzalez Gimenez Personal Life

Maria Gonzalez Gimenez is rumored to be 23 years old as of 2023. She is a Spanish citizen, based in the City of Murcia. Gimenez is a regular player at the Murcia Club de Tenis.

CArlos Alcaraz GArfia and his girlfriend
Image Credits: Alcaraz Instagram

It is not yet certain when she has been in a relationship with Carlos Alcaraz. Gimenez is a very private individual and nothing about her family including her parents or siblings is known yet. Gimenez loves to explore new destinations which was evident from her Instagram reels and posts, and is fond of beaches. She is particularly very fond of her pet dog.

Maria Gonzalez Gimenez Career

Gimenez is a professional tennis player at Murcia Club de Tenis. However, she has not yet made it to the WTA professional circuit. There is no record of Gimenez playing in the ITF Junior series either.

Maria Gonzalez Gimenez
Image Credits: Gimenez Instagram

She is presently playing in the Spanish national circuit and is aiming to make it to the international stage very soon. Besides her playing career, no information is available yet regarding her educational background and qualifications.

Maria Gonzalez Gimenez Social Media presence

Gimenez is available on Instagram. She has more than 12k followers and shares updates from her daily life quite often. Her presence on Twitter couldn’t be verified and it appears she doesn’t have a Twitter account. Gimenez recently uploaded a private Instagram story where she could be seen sharing the frame with her boyfriend Carlos Alcaraz.

Maria Gonzalez Gimenez Family

Gimenez is a very private person and prefers to keep her personal life away from public attention. Nothing is yet known about Gimenez’s parents or siblings. Gimenez is unmarried. We will update it once we have more information. However, what is evident from her social media posts is that Gimenez has a pet dog in her house and she is very fond of it. No information is available yet if she has more pets.

Maria Gonzalez Gimenez
Image Credits: Gimenez Instagram

Maria Gonzalez Gimenez’s boyfriend Carlos Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz is one of the best players in world tennis right now. At only 20 years of age, the Spaniard who is currently ranked no.2, has already hit the pinnacle of the rankings.

He is a one-time Grand Slam winner, having won the US Open in the year 2022. Tipped to be the next Rafael Nadal, Alcaraz is known for his physical prowess and athleticism.

Carlos Alcaraz
Carlos Alcaraz

Left-handed, Spanish, strong on clay surfaces – too much in with the ‘King of Clay’ common isn’t it? Well, there is definitely something more to it.

The potential, the talent and the precise execution, Alcaraz has it in abundance. When you watch Alcaraz play, you can definitely relate him to Nadal in the early stages of his career. Alcaraz has been considered the next big thing in tennis for quite some time now.

6 feet 1-inch base-liner is endorsed by a lot of popular multi-national brands even at such a young age. Alcaraz is sponsored by Nike for clothing and shoes, Babolat for racquets. He has recently become the brand ambassador of the immensely popular Swiss watch manufacturing company, Rolex.

Carlos Alcarez has a very interesting personality too. He is generally loved by his fans even though there was one incident where he was heavily criticized for not signing an autograph.

Carlos Alcaraz
Carlos Alcaraz (ATP Tour)

Here in this interview, Wimbledon 2023’s no 1 seed revealed who was his first crush.

Maria Gonzalez Gimenez FAQs

– Who is Maria Gonzalez Gimenez?

Maria Gonzalez Gimenez is a tennis player and the girlfriend of tennis sensation Carlos Alcaraz.

– How old is Maria Gonzalez Gimenez?

Maria Gonzalez Gimenez is rumored to be 23 years old.

– Where does Maria Gonzalez Gimenez live?

Maria Gonzalez Gimenez resides in the Spanish city of Murcia.

– Is Maria Gonzalez Gimenez married?

Maria Gonzalez Gimenez is currently dating Carlos Alcaraz and is not married yet.

– What are Maria Gonzalez Gimenez’s hobbies?

Maria Gonzalez Gimenez’s hobbies include traveling, visiting beaches and surfing.

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