The legendary Serena Williams recently announced that she would be retiring from tennis within the coming few weeks.

The home fans will hope to see their favorite go the distance and finish on a high. The 40-year-old has made the nation proud with her achievements in a career that will be archived for posterity. The US Open is less than three weeks away and that could be the last tournament for the stalwart

Serena Williams

In 2018, a wholesome ad by Nike overwhelmed the tennis fraternity. The ad was made to mark Serena Williams‘ return to the US Open. The 60-second clip showed how the legend trained and evolved from a talented youngster to a world-beater. Her father, Richard Williams was backing her to the hilt and preparing her for future challenges.

His words of advice are worth their weight in gold and would inspire youngsters for generations to come. If you are a parent to a young tennis player, then you should make the youngster watch the video.

The ad shows a triumphant Richard celebrating his daughter’s success — and when Serena spots him in the crowd, she instantly celebrates too.

Richard Williams reportedly wrote a 78-page plan to help develop the games of her daughters, Venus and Serena Williams so that they could become successful in their careers. The two women have certainly made their dad proud.

Twitter reactions to Serena Williams hinting at her retirement

The tennis fraternity world is shattered to hear about the inevitable. Serena Williams broke the hearts of many and made the call that has to come at some point in time in a sportsperson’s career.

Serena Williams investments
Serena Williams

Fans lauded the amazing career of Serena Williams and paid tribute to the 23-time Grand Slam champion in singles events.

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