What is Emma Raducanu’s networth after the latest Porsche sponsorship deal?


Raducanu has signed a lucrative deal with Porsche and will represent the luxurious vehicle manufacturing company as the Brand Ambassador

Emma Raducanu announced on Twitter that she has signed up with Porsche as the Brand Ambassador. In the tweet, Raducanu is seen sharing the frame with the £150,000 Porsche 911. Porsche is another incredible addition to the British teenager’s list of lucrative sponsorships and endorsements. At the start of 2022, Emma Raducanu had a net worth of US$ 5.4 million which is going to drastically increase after this new deal.

Raducanu’s impressive list of sponsors and endorsements include Nike (for clothing and shoes), Wilson (for racquets) besides several companies that she represents as Brand Ambassador – Tiffany & Co., Dior, Evian, British Airways, Vodafone, and now, Porsche.

Speaking on her new deal, Raducanu said, “For me to be a brand ambassador of Porsche means a lot. Porsche is one of the brands I’ve always loved from a young age. When I was younger I remember the Porsche Grand Prix was always a very big tournament and the winner would get a Porsche. That was always very special.”

The 19-year old who was pictured with a Porsche 911 when she was unveiled as the brand ambassador said that the 911 is her favourite car. “One of my first tennis coaches drove a 911. Whenever I would turn up to practice in the morning, I would see his Porsche I would go wow and be like dreaming of one day sitting in my own“, said Raducanu. She further added, “My favourite car is the 911 for sure. Throughout the generations, it’s so unique and beautiful in every way. I feel like it’s one of the most iconic cars that are out there.”

Emma Raducanu most searched tennis player in the last 12 months

Raducanu’s popularity on the internet is one of the primary reasons behind her landing lucrative deals. Raducanu recently became the most searched tennis player overtaking China’s Peng Shuai. Emma Raducanu rose to fame after winning the 2021 US Open as an 18-year old. She became the first-ever qualifier to win a Grand Slam. Raducanu and Rafael Nadal are the only two tennis players in the top 10 of the most searched athletes list.

Emma Raducanu 5
Image Source: Porsche newsroom

The British teenager defied all odds to win the Grand Slam, that too without losing a set throughout her 10 matches in New York. Her outgoing and charming personality along with her diverse background has made her considerable media following and has become a global heart-throb.
The media frenzy surrounding the Brit and the public interest has resulted in Raducanu gaining several high-profile endorsements such as luxury brands Tiffany and Dior with Evian being her latest one. She has become one of the highest-paid athletes in a very short period.
Raducanu’s net worth continues to soar after the latest deal. According to estimates by experts, teenager is very likely to join the exclusive list of billionaire athletes in the future.

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