What has Holger Rune done to take his game to the next level in 2023?


Holger Rune has achieved his career-best ranking of No.7 in ATP singles in 2023

Holger Rune made a number of changes to his lifestyle and diet ahead of the 2023 season and the results are showing now. Rune has achieved his career-best ranking of World No.7 in men’s singles in the latest ATP rankings. The Danish star, unfortunately, fell short of a memorable ATP 1000 win at the Monte Carlo Masters last week in the final against Andrey Rublev but his impressive display throughout the season has helped him achieve his personal best ranking till date.

Holger Rune 2023
Holger Rune

Since breaking into the professional circuit, Rune has always been looked at as someone with immense talent. But, the teenager’s performances were inconsistent in 2022 and he performed well only in patches. However, towards the end of the season, he did rise up to the occasion and broke into the top 10 of the ATP rankings. After making his first major breakthrough, Rune made it a point to work harder and sacrifice a lot of things to be in the best of shape.

Holger Rune has sacrificed his favourite Pizza and Ice-cream in 2023

Professional athletes are very particular about their diet plan and when it comes to the elite level, it’s their diet plan which can act as the recipe to their success. There is no ‘ideal’ diet plan as such as it differs from athlete to athlete and sport to sport.

Rune is only 19 years old and he realised quickly that he needs to sacrifice a lot of his favourite food items if he has to remain at the top level of Tennis for a long time. The changes in his diet already seem to have a positive effect on his game and overall performance.

What has Holger Rune done to take his game to the next level in 2023? 3

Rune put a lot of focus on his diet ahead of the new season and he now has a nutrition plan in place prescribed by a team of experts. He underwent tests which showed that he needed a higher intake of sugar and salt before his matches and the lack of it was the reason why often had cramps during matches in 2022. He is now very careful about what he eats and even though he loves “pepperoni pizza and ice cream”, he has made sure to avoid consuming such delicacies to keep himself fit.

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