Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal played together as team-mates for Team Europe in the 2019 Laver Cup

The Laver Cup has done everything in its power to brand itself as a non-exhibition, pitting some of the world’s best players against each other and fostering a genuine team atmosphere. There’s been buy-in from the players, the fans, and the ATP. One of the best moments in Laver Cup history came in 2019 when Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal played together for Team Europe and the superstars were seen coaching each other whenever required.

Hearing Federer and Nadal, who then had a combined 39 Grand Slam titles between them —give passionate and intelligent advice was a fascinating glimpse into just how much thinking and strategizing goes into both of their games.

Due to the nature of normal events, where coaching isn’t allowed, these pep talks take place in their minds. Good on the Laver Cup for not just allowing coaching, but making sure microphones pick up the contents of the conversations and broadcasting the compelling content to fans.

Fans react to the camraderie between Nadal and Federer

Fans absolutely love the camraderie between the two greatest players of the sport. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting reactions.

“These two are an absolute credit to the sport 🎾 Two gentlemen love watching them . #fedal”, wrote a fan. We all agree with him, don’t we?

“I like this stuff. The coach is watching roger coaching nadal. This shows such a great player roger is”, tweeted another fan.

Another fan shared his own take on the interaction. “How do you coach someone who’s won just about everything multiple times. Roger probably just giving some tactics based on knowledge of Rafa’s opponent. Don’t think there’s actually any coaching going on here. Funny that Borg was just a bystander”, he wrote.

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