(Watch) Roger Federer is all smiles after fans share hilarious videos of his quarantine challenge


Roger Federer has been active on Twitter, engaging himself and the public since the coronavirus lockdown

Swiss maestro Roger Federer tweeted that he was all smiles after his fans shared hilarious videos of his quarantine challenge.

The record 20-time Grand Slam winner has been retweeting the videos posted by his fans, who had responded to his solo-drill challenge video that he had tweeted last week.

Roger Federer
Roger Federer is one of the most celebrated sports personalities on the planet. (Getty Images)

Among these videos, a few of them seem to have impressed the Swiss genius, who admitted that they had left him in smiles. He even retweeted one of his fan’s video with the caption: “This made me smile”, giving a clear idea of his feelings.

Federer had earlier posted a video of himself in his Twitter handle, wearing a completely white outfit with a white hat, practising a solo drill.

The 38-year-old had shared the video in a bid to engage himself and the public, who are all undergoing self-isolation at home due to the pandemic coronavirus crisis.

Like the virus, Federer’s video of the solo tennis challenge did not take much time to spread as it garnered worldwide attention. Known to be one of the biggest sporting celebrities on the planet with a huge fan base, Federer’s video attracted a lot of responses on social media handle Twitter.

Meanwhile, Federer is currently with his family at his home in Switzerland undergoing self-isolation.

Wawrinka feels Federer can win another Grand Slam

Meanwhile Federer’s national teammate and on-court rival Stan Wawrinka shared his opinions regarding his compatriot.


Wawrinka and his friend and professional tennis player Benoit Paire were engaging the public by talking on a wide range of topics by going live on social media.

When asked by Paire if Federer could win another Grand Slam title, Wawrinka was of the opinion that the 38-year-old was clearly capable of attaining such a feat.

“Yes, of course, he is capable of winning another Slam. There’s a difference between not being able to win and not doing anything. I think, he can but I don’t think he will win any. But, of course, he missed match points in Wimbledon.”

Stan Wawrinka playing a forehand shot during one of his encounters last year.
Stan Wawrinka playing a forehand shot during one of his encounters last year. (Getty Images)

“He’s was in the semi-finals in Australia this year, and he’s making deep runs in every tournament he plays. So, he’s capable of winning more because he has done it before,”

Wawrinka explained. Wawrinka is a three-time Grand Slam winner and former World No.3, who has 16 ATP titles under his belt.

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