“If I work hard, maybe I could become a top 100 or top 50 player” – When a 13-year-old Casper Ruud revealed where he wanted to see himself in next 10 years


Casper Ruud’s fabulous season came to an end when he lost to Novak Djokovic in the championship round of the ATP Finals.

Novak Djokovic beat Norway’s Casper Ruud 7-5 6-3 to collect a record-equalling sixth ATP Finals title on Sunday, earning the biggest paycheck ever in tennis – $4,740,300 – for completing the season-ending tournament unbeaten.

Casper Ruud
Casper Ruud

However, this takes nothing away from the fact that 2022 turned out to be a path-breaking season for the young Norwegian. He reached two Grand Slam finals and finished the year at No. 3 on the ATP world rankings.

An old video has surfaced on the internet where 13-year-old Casper Ruud gave an interview and spoke about his best weapon, his favorite player, and where he sees himself in the next 10 years.

Ruud mentioned the forehand as his best weapon. He named Rafael Nadal his favorite player and said that if he works hard in the next 10 years, then he can find himself in the top 100 or top 50. Well, 10 years have passed and Ruud has exceeded his expectations by entering the top 10. He also reached the No. 2 spot in the rankings for a brief period after finishing runner-up in the 2022 US Open.

What’s next for Casper Ruud?

Casper Ruud has traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina to play in the South American exhibition tennis tour. The legendary Rafael Nadal will also be seen in action on the tour.

Casper Ruud
Casper Ruud

Ruud will be seen playing singles matches and mixed doubles matches in the tournament. The tour begins on Wednesday, November 23, and culminates on Thursday, December 1.

The exhibition tour will be played across six cities in six different countries. We could see some exciting matches as the tournament kicks off.

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