Two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova was at her candid best in a recent interview

Petra Kvitova revealed her favorite Tennis players and spoke about her memories with them in a recent interview. Kvitova is now in the twilight of her career and the 32-year-old also looked back at the memorable moments in her career. She revealed that Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are her favourite Tennis stars – definitely doesn’t come across as a surprise.

In her recent interview, Kvitova revealed that both Federer and Nadal were “polite” and always had the courtesy to smile and say hello, adding that they were “human.” “I personally like Roger and Rafa Nadal very much because they are polite. They always say hello, they smile, they are human”, the Czech star said.

Speaking about her memories with the Tennis greats, Kvitova said: “The last memory I have of Roger is from the Wimbledon Centre Court centenary celebrations. Roger flew in for the ceremony and as we all waited outside the Centre Court gates we chatted. And he was just chatting to me, totally cool. He was great.”

Fans react to Petra Kvitova’s comments on Nadal and Federer

Here’s how fans on Twitter reacted to Kvitova’s statements in her latest interview.

“Petra is one of the nicest most humble players ever”, wrote a fan.

“It’s what’s NOT said here that’s the loud and clear. Petra thinks Novak is fake and inauthentic”, a fan shared his weird take.

“Why is it that only Novak fans are reacting negatively on this tweet? Where are Rune, Tsip and other tennis legend fans? My unsolicited advice is that, “do not read something that is not written, unless body language is the medium”, read another tweet.

“Damn not one tennis player does that beside roger and rafa?! Thats quite shocking. Thought it was a basic human nature”, joked another fan.

“Incoming angry djoker fans who are going to have a mental break down and toss clown emojis”, the trolls continued.

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