“Please let me know what would be the best address to send for help” – Sergiy Stakhovsky shares screenshot of Novak Djokovic extending a helping hand


The Ukrainian tennis star who has joined the military shared the image on Instagram

Sergiy Stakhovsky has shared a screenshot on his Instagram profile containing a personal message from Novak Djokovic. Djokovic is seen enquiring about the Ukrainian’s whereabouts and offering him help. The Ukrainian thanked the Serbian for this wonderful gesture. “Thank you for your support. Ukraine is grateful”, Stakhovsky wrote. Stakhovsky has joined Ukraine’s military reserves to fight against Russia after announcing retirement from professional tennis.

Sergiy Stakhovsky
Sergiy Stakhovsky (Credits: SkySports)

The post has gone viral on social media in no time. Fans have reacted very positively to this gesture from Djokovic. The users expressed their support and solidarity with Stakhovsky and Ukrainian citizens. Fans from across the globe have welcomed this wonderful gesture and display of brotherhood. People from all sections of society have been condemning Russia for the invasion and has called for peace to prevail.

Sergiy Stakhovsky heads out for war

Sergiy Stakhovsky has put up a fresh tweet on Twitter with an image of his military gear. The Ukrainian tennis player retired from professional tennis to join the Ukrainian reserve forces. He then left behind his wife and children in Hungary to join his nation’s army in Ukraine for their fight against Russia. Stakhovsky has been very vocal about the Russia-Ukraine crisis on social media. He has been sharing regular updates of the ongoing crisis on Twitter.

sergiy stakhovsky posts screenshot of whatsapp conversation with novak djokovic pic
Image Credits: Tennis World USA

Stakhovsky has no prior military experience. In his statement to the media, Stakhovsky said, “Of course I want to fight. My dad and brother are surgeons; they are stressed out. I speak to them frequently, they sleep in the basement.” In an earlier social media post, Stakhovsky stated, “I am proud of Ukraine defence and National Guard of Ukraine. I am proud of my president, I am proud of every Ukrainian.” “Believe in our military, believe in our invincibility. Glory to Ukraine”, he further added.

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