“A lovely gesture” – Basel handed Roger Federer this honour even before he won an ATP title


Swiss sensation Roger Federer has won 20 Grand Slams in his career

Swiss maestro Roger Federer is undoubtedly one of the most popular players the game has ever produced.

Federer also holds the record of winning the most Grand Slam singles titles in men’s tennis with 20. One of the most followed sportspersons on the planet, Federer is still going strong despite turning 38 last year.

Roger Federer French Open
Roger Federer in action at the French Open last year. (Getty Images)

His increased popularity was reflective from a very young age itself when he defeated seven-time Wimbledon champion, Pete Sampras, in the fourth round in of the grass-court event in 2001.

The fact that Federer had a street named after him in Basel before he even won an ATP title speaks volumes about the talent that he possessed.

The former World No.1 in a throwback interview made by Trans World Sport back in 2001 talked about his increasing popularity as an emerging future star.

Federer is also thankful for having the street named after him.

“It’s great, I’m lucky to have such friendly neighbours. We get on really well and when I was in the semi-final of the Olympics, they told me that I was getting a street named after me – the Roger Federer Alley,” Federer said.

“It’s not official, no one lives in that street but it still was a lovely gesture and I’ll always remember it.”

Meanwhile, it took Federer three more years to win his first-ever Grand Slam title and he won it in his favourite destination – Wimbledon.

Federer’s father talks about his popularity

In the video Federer’s father Robert, also gives an account of his son’s sudden popularity:

Robert Federer is the father of Roger Federer
Roger Federer with his dad Robert after winning the 2010 Australian Open title. (Getty Images)

“I think he’s quite surprised by it all. These days there’s always someone watching him and there’s always a certain amount of stress connected with that and then there’s the press demands.” Robert was heard saying.

“He’s always giving interviews and sometimes he has to spend all day doing interviews with different members of the press, all media organizations, and the telephone never stops ringing. Everything takes a bit of getting used to but I guess that’s what happens in professional tennis,” he concluded.

Swiss maestro Roger Federer playing his famous one-handed backhand shot at Wimbledon last year. (Getty Images)
Swiss maestro Roger Federer playing his famous one-handed backhand shot at Wimbledon last year. (Getty Images)

However, it was not just his titles that made him a popular figure but also his effortless playing style.

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