Reilly Opelka isn’t known be kind to trolls and it was for everyone to see once again

Reilly Opelka is one of the strongest and funniest tennis players in the world. The American giant had a rather original idea of using the picture of one of his trolls as his profile picture. The troll who has only three followers, took a dig at Opelka after the American lost to Kyrgios at the Citi Open.

Credits: Reddit

“On match point, I swear he was headed to the sideline while a Krygios backhand was still in the air mid-court. He didn’t even bother waiting for it to land.Disgraceful from an entitled. oversized punk”, wrote the troll on Twitter. Opelka, who was at his banterous best replied, “Are you height shaming me?” and afterwards changed his Twitter profile picture to the same one as that of the troll who goes by the name of Henry Rosen.

Fourth seed Reilly Opelka lost to Nick Kyrgios 6-7, 2-6 in the Round of 16 of the Citi Open. The American star was nowhere close to his best in a match that was interrupted by bad weather. This was Opelka’s first tournament on the ATP tour since his second-round exit from Wimbledon.

Reilly Opelka
Reilly Opelka during the recently concluded Australian Open earlier this year. (Getty Images)

Fans react to Reilly Opelka’s banter on Twitter

Fans certainly seem to love Opelka’s subtle banter. Let us take a look at few of the most interesting reactions.

“Don’t care about these guys, Reilly. Keep on with the good work, bro. You are in the right path”, wrote a fan, conveying his support for the American.

“You should probably never have given publicity to his insults. He has 1 follower – nobody would’ve seen his tweets”, tweeted another fan.

“This has just made me literally laugh out loud. @ReillyOpelka has just changed his profile pic to the troll that’s constantly on at him.Absolutely genius Reilly… that is legendary!”, wrote another fan.

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