Photo: Andrey Rublev sports a ‘Bweeh’ shirt, a part of his own brand Rublo


ATP World No.5 Andrey Rublev wears apparel ‘Bweeh’ of his own brand ‘Rublo’ during professional competitions on the tour

Russian tennis player Andrey Rublev has launched his own clothing brand and he has named it ‘Rublo’. No prizes for guessing that the name of the brand is inspired from his own surname. Rublo is primarily a clothing brand, but Rublev has made it clear that it’s ‘not just about clothes’. The Russian ace intends to ‘drive awareness around equality and kindness’ through his brand, with the hope of ‘making our world a better place’.

Andrey Rublev

While Rublev is often seen sporting a ‘Rublo’ shirt, he was recently seen wearing a ‘bweeh’ shirt which is apparently also a part of the same brand. Rublev launched his own brand after ending ties with Nike earlier this year. The Russian star believes that he can bring about a significant positive change in the world through his brand ‘Rublo’.

When did Andrey Rublev endorse ‘Rublo’ for the first time?

Rublev was spotted wearing the ‘Rublo‘ apparel for the first time at Adelaide International. He then wore the brand outfits during all his matches at the Australian Open. One could argue that it worked like a lucky charm for him, helping him achieve a commendable quarter-final finish.

Andrey Rublev

Rublev’s own official website states that Rublo stands for ‘what Andrey believes will make our planet a better place – Equity, Kindness, Hope.’ The description of ‘Rublo’ on his website reads: “Rublo has been created to drive awareness around equality and kindness with the hope of making our world a better place. Choose kindness for yourself, others, and our planet. We are all people and consist of the same things. There is goodness at the core of every person.”

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