Novak Djokovic is all set to play the French Open


World No.2 Novak Djokovic was not allowed to play the Australian Open because he was unvaccinated

Novak Djokovic could very well play in his first Grand Slam of the year in Paris. In what comes as a major boost to his chances of participating, the French authorities have suspended the application of vaccination pass.

Djokovic was earlier unceremoniously deported from Australia as he was unvaccinated. The Serbian was all set to miss the Roland Garros as French authorities had announced unvaccinated players won’t be allowed to take part. However, this announcement means Djokovic can play in France even if he hasn’t taken the Covid-19 vaccine.

Novak Djokovic reacts after beating Rafael Nadal at the French Open 2021 (Credits: Roland Garros Twitter)
Novak Djokovic reacts after beating Rafael Nadal at the French Open 2021 (Credits: Roland Garros Twitter)

Prime Minister of France, Jean Castex announced that the current restrictions will end on March 14. He said, “The situation is improving thanks to our collective efforts. The conditions are met for a new phase of easing of measures. From March 14, we will suspend the application of vaccination pass wherever it applies.” This announcement also means Djokovic can play in the Monte Carlo Masters beginning on April 10.

Novak Djokovic’s stance on vaccination is very clear

Djokovic has a rigid stance on vaccination. He had earlier said missing competitions such as the French Open over his jab status is a price that he’s willing to pay. “I was never against vaccination but I’ve always supported the freedom to choose what you put in your body”, said the 20-time Grand Slam Champion in an interview to BBC.

Novak Djokovic has been widely criticised by the media and the general public. The stance to not get vaccinated has done his image no good. On top of that, there were allegations that Djokovic attended a party with children and was later Covid positive and still travelled to Australia. Djokovic has been very quiet so far on all the allegations and speculations.

The announcement by the French Government means fans will get to see both Djokovic and Nadal resume their fierce rivalry on the clay courts of Paris and that definitely excites us!

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