Nick Kyrgios wants to get back at Stefanos Tsitsipas and threatens to share this on social media


The Instagram video chat between Kyrgios and Tsitsipas was shared by ATP on their official Twitter handle

Nick Kyrgios and Stefanos Tsitsipas were once again back at each other, with the former threatening to share Tsitsipas’s number on social media.

The two tennis players had been doing the rounds online recently, engaging themselves and tennis fans during the coronavirus.

Tennis stars Stefanos Tsitsipas and Nick Kyrgios shake hands after one of their matches.
Tennis stars Stefanos Tsitsipas and Nick Kyrgios shake hands after one of their matches. (Image Credits: ATP)

It all started when Tsitsipas pulled off a birthday prank on Kyrgios by sharing his number to the world via a photo on his Instagram feed.

However, the event created a big furore than what Tsitsipas expected, with the Australian finally having to beg the people to stop calling and texting him.

Kyrgios decided to spice things up a little bit this time by taking a dig at Tsitsipas. He threatened Tsitsipas by asking him if he would give him the approval to share his number online.

However, Tsitsipas seemed unfazed and replied that Kyrgios should do it as he could change his number as it was anyways known to a lot of people.

The video of the live Instagram chat between the two was shared by ATP on their Twitter handle with the caption: “This battle might not be over yet”.

ATP recently shared a post of the two players with swapped hairstyles that received a lot of response from fans.

Kyrgios invitation turned down by Nadal

Meanwhile, World No.2 Rafael Nadal opined that Kyrgios should consider having a conversation with someone appropriate to his age.

2020 Australian Open Day 8 1580216762
Rafael Nadal (left) and Nick Kyrgios shake hands after their fourth-round clash at the Australian Open. (Getty Images)

The Spaniard turned down an invitation for a live video chat by the Australian on social media. The duo has not been on the best of terms for some time now.

However, Kyrgios sought to make a difference by replying to the BBC, who were asking for suggestions as to the most sought-after Facetimes

“Rafa let’s do Instagram live together. I am down with it. Rafael Nadal let’s do it,” the Aussie wrote on Instagram.

33-year-old Nadal, meanwhile, seemed least interested. He dismissed the whole thing by saying that Kyrgios would rather have more fun with someone more of his age and style.

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