Novak Djokovic fell tantalizingly short of winning his seventh Paris Masters title after going down against Holger Rune in the final.

Novak Djokovic wife
Novak Djokovic with wife Jelena

The 21-time Grand Slam champion defeated Stefanos Tsitsipas in the semifinals. This was Djokovic’s ninth win against the Greek youngster. However, a video surfaced on the internet that was taken during the match, where we can see Djokovic’s team secretly mixing some unknown substances into a bottle and sending it to the legendary athlete through a ball kid.

The video that was shared on Twitter by a British journalist, Damian Reilly, has received over 15 million views in just over a couple of days. He wrote in the caption:

“Can anyone who knows tennis explain what is going on here, and why it’s being done this way? It looks amazingly dodgy.”

Novak Djokovic’s wife, Jelena, took to Twitter and tried to quash all the doubters and denied finding anything “dodgy” in the video. She also felt there is a need to respect people’s privacy and pointing cameras at a person is not a cool thing to do. One among the series of tweets sent out by Jelena read:

“I don’t see anything dodgy. In fact, I see people trying to be private about their business in a world where everyone feels like they have every right to point camera at you whenever they want. Apparently, wanting/trying to be private makes you dodgy nowadays.”

Has Novak Djokovic reacted to the video?

Novak Djokovic has received a lot of support from his fans, who do not believe that the former world No. 1 could use any substance that is not within the laws.

Novak Djokovic
Image Credits – Tennis 365

Some fans are sitting on the fence while others want the incident to be investigated. Djokovic has not yet commented on the controversial video.

Ulises Badio, Djokovic’s physio, who was seen in the video, mixing things in the bottle is also yet to react. We will monitor this news and keep you updated if there is something new.

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