“It’s all trial and error at the moment – Fans react as Judy Murray advocates for custom fitting equipment in Tennis


Professional tennis coach Judy Murray is well recognised as the mother of British tennis icon Andy Murray

Judy Murray believes that there is a lot of room for innovation in the sport of Tennis. In fact, she has gone on to state that the stakeholders in Tennis have a lot to “learn” from Golf in how to make the sport more convenient for players. Besides being a professional tennis coach and a social activist, Murray is an avid golf lover and plays regularly at the amateur level.

Judy Murray recently visited ‘American Golf’ – one of Europe’s biggest Golf retailers to try out customised clubs and other equipment for herself. She was impressed by what they had to offer and felt it was a ‘fascinating’ experience. “Tennis pros and retailers could learn a lot from golf in terms of custom fitting equipment. Huge advantage in getting the racket, grip, strings and string tension that suits your physicality, game style and the surface/conditions you play in”, she wrote on Twitter, following her visit and it clearly indicates that she believes there’s a lot of room for innovation in Tennis.

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Judy Murray

Fans react to Judy Murray’s suggestions on Twitter

Let us take a look at what fans had to say about Judy Murray’s take regarding custom-fitting equipment in Tennis.

“With consumer versions of on-court tech (cameras, ball tracking etc) becoming more readily available (and affordable), this has to be an innovation right around the corner in our game”, wrote a fan.

“Yes, it’s all trial and error at the moment, and how many amateur players want to (or can afford to) constantly experiment with different racquets and strings”, tweeted another fan.

Another fan appreciated Murray’s golf-playing skills and wrote: “I see some serious improvement in your swing (lost my golfing swings now working in my tennis swings) you (and a couple of others) confirm a theory of mine the older some people get the faster they learn.”

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