“Imagine being number 4 with almost 9k points” – Fans react to the crazy competition among the ‘Big Four’ during their peak


The ‘Big Four’ – Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray dominated men’s Tennis for more than a decade

The period from ‘2007-2017’ is often considered to be the Golden Era of men’s Tennis. It is during this decade that the world witnessed the epic rivalry among the ‘Big 4‘ of Tennis and to top it off – all of them were in their prime.

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray absolutely dominated the professional tour during their peak, sharing most of the prestigious titles and the intense rivalry was evident in the ATP rankings.

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The ATP rankings during that era were similar to a snake and ladder board with the Big 4 changing the top four spots very frequently but most importantly – it was shared only between them, and no other player got a sneak peek.

If we take a look at the rankings in 2009, Andy Murray with an incredible tally of 8,840 points occupied fourth spot. Interestingly, the accumulated points would be enough to give him the top spot in any other era.

However, during that period, Nadal was on a different level altogether and led the rankings with 14,470 points ahead of Federer (11,020) and Djokovic (9,010).

Fans react to the epic rivalry among the Big Four

Let us take a look at some of the reactions from fans on Twitter.

“This shows the big four was real because of the differentiation between 4 and 5 and Murray is clearly not very far behind Djokovic at this time”, wrote a fan.


“Imagine being number 4 with almost 9k points”, tweeted another fan.

“Anyone asking if there was a big 4, yes there was! Look at the gap between Novak and Andy”, read a tweet.

“Andy having nearly 9000 points and still only being number 4 in the world at the time…just mad” – another fan echoed similar sentiments.

Another fan wrote: “New world number now is <8k points.”

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