Igor Juric posts a disturbing video of a father assaulting his daughter on a tennis court; Tennis world in shock


Igor Juric, who is an advocate against violence, posted a video on his Instagram handle of a male coach assaulting a young girl on the tennis courts of Crvena Zvezda. He alleged that the man was the young girl’s father.

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Screenshot taken from Igor Juric’s Instagram account

Juric, whose own daughter Tijana was murdered in 2014, recently posted a disturbing video on his official Instagram account of a father mercilessly beating up his daughter on a tennis court. Juric revealed that the father-daughter duo arrived from China. He also said that he will file criminal charges against the father. He wrote:

“Another brutal violence from a father against his daughter. I was informed that this is a family coming from China. We will be filing criminal charges against this monster as well.” [translated in English].

You can watch the video of the despicable actions of the father toward his daughter by clicking here (viewer discretion advised). The video has received over 650 comments on people urging the father to be identified and taught a lesson. This kind of behavior should not be encouraged at all and we also stand in solidarity with the young girl who had to encounter the horrific actions of her own father.

What was the reason behind the heinous assault?

The video was sent to the authorities by a coach in Serbia, where the incident took place. The girl in the video is said to be 14 years old.

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Screenshot taken from Igor Juric’s Instagram account

Well, the reason behind the brutal assault has been revealed and it makes the actions of the coach look even more unfathomable.

The young girl was not following the coach’s instructions. This is what irked the coach, and he showed his monstrous side.

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